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  1. All the home runs she has hit do count towards the KHSAA but any that she hit while in middle school even with her playing varsity do not count towards the national record.
  2. Curry has over 40 intentional walks this season and was just walked 4 times today once with bases loaded after hitting a HR her first AB against Henry Co.
  3. Amen you said it all, I agree with you 100%.
  4. It was 10-9 East Jessamine. If an illegal pitch wouldn't have been called then the game would've ended with Anderson on top 9-7. The umpire gave no explanation of what kind of illegal pitch to the coach just said it was illegal. Bad judgement call in my opinion
  5. The end of this game was one for the umpire. You call an illegal pitch after a girl had already thrown 3 innings without question. The umpire at third makes a call for an illegal pitch that would have ended the game. If these are the best that we can find for the state tournament then we are hurting. This guy clearly made the game about him and not the girls. Not sure what region they where from but I hope something is done to this crew.
  6. Yes SOFTBALLGUY10 this is very funny to read now. For someone to say Scott Co has no pitching is crazy and to think that Woodford Co has all the talent is even funnier.
  7. Seeing this score was really not a surprise at all. Scott County is a really good team and Woodford County..... well let's just say if they where half as good as they thought they where then they would've won.
  8. Bailey Curry verbal to Toledo Holds the single season KHSAA HR record with 20 Holds the career KHSAA HR record with 61
  9. Doesn't look like your 8th region pick went very well after Collins fell to Shelby last night.
  10. Yes I do have my opinion and yes I was at the game. If we want to talk about illness, injury and basketball players then let's do that. Ok Anderson had just gotten back a week prior to this tournament there pitcher, first baseman, second baseman and center fielder from basketball. They where down to only one pitcher because the other one is hurt. The catcher was fighting the nasty stomach bug. Oh so that leaves the right fielder which is the only other girl with any varsity experience because the third baseman, short stop and left fielder where all freshman and have never played an inning of a varsity game. Also this was the first game for these girls besides a 5 inning scrimmage that wasn't much of a contest and maybe three practices of even being outside on the field due to the weather. So I do think that the two teams where pretty evenly matched with basketball, injury and illness but not in talent. Hope to see you in Owensboro
  11. I understand that you are frustrated with your team not playing well in E-town against some of the best in the state but to throw this all back on sickness and swollen knees is absurd. I don't think if Highlands had 3 more Louisville commits that they could've won a game in that competition.
  12. I don't know about the 9th and 10th but as far as Highlands being the best in the 8th is crazy. Highlands is no where near the team that Anderson, Oldham County and Collins are. I would say that was proven in E-town.
  13. Don't see Highlands as the top team but I guess I'm not the one voting
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