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  1. Are there any private QB instructors east of Elizabethtown or any QB camps in the west side of the state? My son will be a sophomore QB in the 2020 season.
  2. I would be interested in your QB camp for next year. Please message me any details.
  3. First time I've seen either of these teams and for all the hype about Allen from Lex Cath and how good he is, I've seen nothing but 2 fumbles in a matter of 3 minutes of game time.
  4. Not writing them off by any means. They are as tough as nails. Will be a good game for sure.
  5. No way Logan wins by 2 TD. They needed a hook and ladder play, a questionable roughing the passer call, and a hail Mary to win by 2 points in the last game.
  6. By far McKracken beating Mayfield at Mayfield. Prior to Friday, mayfield was 80-1 at home.
  7. Alot of love being shown to eastern side of the state....may want to keep an eye on Madisonville North Hopkins.
  8. If this is the case, then Madisonville owned McCracken. Beat then twice, and then went 10 innings on Saturday. Plain and simple, Scott Co is the best team in the state because they won the final game of the year. My daughter played for madisonville, and we face both teams, from first hand experience Scott is the better team. Sullivan is a better pitcher than Dodd, Chapman, or Ridolfi. They are all good, but their depth is what gives them chances to beat you. We had a junior pitcher in Peyton who arms has been hurting since District, and a freshman pitcher who stepped up but just didn't have it on Saturday. Quit making excuses and give credit where it is due...to Scott County.
  9. I spent 3 days at the state tourney this weekend. My daughter plays for madisonville and they had a great run. Let me prefix this post by saying that umpires did not cost us the state championship, we were simply beat by a better team in Scott county and McCracken. But the umpiring I saw this weekend at the state tourney was horrendous. These are supposed to be the best in the state...if they are the best, I am afraid to see much worse. I seen catchers digging fastballs out of the dirt and getting strikes called. I seen an umpire not put the ball back in play after a foul ball and let the pitcher throw a strike while the batter was not back in the box. I seen umpire let crow Hop go all game and then calls illegal pitch on final out to keep other team in it. Pitches for some could be at the shoulders and other the entire ball had to be on the white part of the plate to get a strike called. Can anyone guess what happens when you give good hitters balls on the white part of the plate...they get crushed. There needs to be real review done on officials. I umpired baseball for years and missed my fair share of calls, but I was watching the play and was in position, these guys were mostly watching the games. During region we had a girl get called out for not tagging up, the umpire told our coach he saw she was four feet from the bag. After reviewing the video she was clearly still on the bag. Fact is he got caught watching the ball in the outfield when it wasn't his call. Like I said before, it didn't cost us, but it's not fair to the players. Let them decide their own fate, and not have horrible officiating cost them an opportunity.
  10. Final 4 Winners Bracket - Madisonville, Daviess Co, McCracken, Scott Co
  11. MNH is ranked 2nd MNH hits 3 run bomb to take a 7-5 lead and get Christian Co out 3 up 3 down to win 3rd consecutive 2nd region title
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