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  1. How it's a great and healthy season for everyone!
  2. Always great to see kids do good, at the next level. To her high school coach, I know your proud.
  3. Madisonville should take the region. Christian County is coming on strong. The next few down is where the anything could happen. Webster County has a very good pitcher as does Lyon County both of these teams have shown great improvement the last two years. Don't count Union county out of the mix they could throw a wrench in everyone's plans. The next teams in line are Caldwell County, Henderson County both of these schools have a lot of talent that is starting to grow up. Trigg, Crittenden, Hopkinsville, and UHA all are improving they each could have better seasons than last year. These are my predictions, they don't mean anything and are not her to make anyone mad or to run anyone down. This is just an opinion. 1. Madisonville North- They have the crown until someone takes it away 2. Christian County- I feel they could push Madisonville this year, but are maybe a year away. 3. Lyon County- This team is trying to push to the next tier. They have a good junior pitcher and good defense that they have depended on for two years. Now they have four seniors and some really good young players that can hit. 4. Webster County- The Lady Trojans have one of the best pitchers in the region. She can keep them in games. They always are solid on defense and usually have some hitters. 5. Union County- This is a team that is always in the mix. They lost some talent last year but always seem to reload. They always play a loaded schedule and are always coached up. 6. Henderson County- This team lost only three seniors last year. They are young but you can't hold all this talent down I think they could be a year or so away from challenging for the crown again but when they all start growing up they could be scary loaded. 7. Caldwell County- This is the team t that is really hard to predict. They are young but not in experience. These girls have been together for a long. They only have one senior this year and a lot of talent. They may still have a few growing pains but should still be really good by the end of the year. This could be the spoiler team in the All A in the second region. 8. Crittenden County- New coach but he has one of the best pitchers in the region. The lady Rockets are returning all but one from last year's team. Still really young. 9. Trigg County- One of the most improved teams in the region returning almost everyone. 10. Hopkinsville 11. Hopkins County Central 12. Livingston Central 13. Dawson Springs 14. University Heights Academy 15. Fort Campbell Again I think the a are some teams he that could surprise. I tried not to leave anyone out and tried to be objective. This is just an opinion with a little bit of insight. Hope everyone has a great season and that someone on this list brings the state title back to the second region.
  4. Official practice is just two weeks away. Games starting in just over a month. I hope everyone is starting to feel it. I hope everyone has a great season!
  5. 498 That is HUGE!!!:isurrender: Sorry forgive me I couldn't help myself LOL
  6. Congrats to an awesome young lady. Nothing like those PDM (Proud Dad Moments!!!)
  7. Sorry I forgot about Fouts. She was amazing the one time I saw her.
  8. Sophie Bingham, pitcher at Lyon County Lexie Odaniel, pitcher/ inf at Christian County Lindsey Carroll, pitcher/inf at McCracken County Abby Shoulders, inf at McCracken County Jaci Babbs, U at Union County These are some of the top 2018 in Western KY I know have left some off and I will try to come back and update when I have more time. These are in no particular order and again if I forgot to mention some I apologize in advance.
  9. With what is coming back I believe they have a tough year. All great kids but no inside threat. Murphy is gonna be really good and Johnson is a good defensive stopper. I believe Johnson is gonna have to be more aggressive this year offensively. Some one is gonna have to step up and give some support to these two.
  10. Sorry everyone, my old age kicked in. I should have read the topic better. I included more than seniors. Try to forgive me.
  11. I don't see as many from NKY like you guys. We have a few from Western KY. Kaylee Tow (Madisonville North) possibly one of the best players I have seen. Headed to Alabama Mallory Peyton (Madisonville North) can play at any level. I believe committed to UK. Emily Blane ( Christian County) Best defensive shortstop in this end of the state. I think will be just a sophomore this year. Karlee Keeney ( Webster County) Will be a sophomore this year. She is a pitcher who has amazing stuff. Plays high level travel competition. She just keeps getting better. Jaci Babbs ( Union County) Speed, speed, and more speed. Can play almost anywhere in the field. One of the best slappers in the state. I had heard she was committed to UK but not sure on this. Lindsey Carroll (McCracken County) Good all around ball player will probably see the circle most of the year for the Mustangs. Sophie Bingham (Lyon County) One of the top pitchers in Western KY. Plays high level summer ball. Will be a junior this year. Laken Kelso (Calloway County) A really good pitcher. Doesn't over power anyone but never throws anything straight. Gets more ground balls than anyone I've ever seen. Ryleigh Oldham (Madisonville North) One of the toughest players in Western KY. Not trying to take away from how good she plays, but does all the little things to help her team. Lexie Odaniel ( Christian County) Great addition for the Colonels top level pitcher and really good hitter. This list is just an opinion and not in any particular order. I know most of the players on here are from far Western KY, those are the ones I've watched. If I left anyone off it's because I'm getting old and I apologize.
  12. McCracken's pitching will drop off, there is no way to replace 3 seniors like they had. Even so they will not be weak. I don't know who is #1 or #2 but they return two juniors in Laken Largent and Lindsey Carroll. Like I said they just reload. There is little doubt that they will be a top ten team. Coach Hayden will play a strong schedule as always. They will be battle tested come tourney time.
  13. I don't see any problem with your picks except East Carter. There is no doubt that their pitcher is the real deal and that makes them a ranked team. But until they play a stronger schedule I just don't think I can rank them in the top ten. I think the top three are a toss up with Scott County being the favorite. McCracken County is still a top ten team also, they will just reload. Can't wait to watch it play out hope everyone is having a great off season.
  14. The rule wasn't made for travel teams or coaches. It was made for high school players. It was set-up because some coaches would play non-stop. I believe the more you play the better you get. I also believe these girls need a break outside of the school year. There are plenty of high level tournaments and showcases to play outside of the dead period.
  15. Lawnboy, Hope to get to see you at the All A again this year. I'll introduce myself this year, instead of staying anonymous.
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