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  1. Congratulations to the Birds and their coaching staff. You guys worked together, improved greatly and made it happen. Getting the most of what you have and who you are is what great teams are made of. Now, win state.
  2. Cov. Cath's always a worry for the Birds. That's why Highlands players wear shirts that say "Beat Cov. Cath."
  3. : :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: You are dreaming out loud or extremely delusional!! Highlands or Cov. Cath. would beat SK soundly.
  4. :thumb:Congratulations Pat, anxious to watch you play for UK.:thumb:
  5. I wish all young men and women felt this way and defended it.:thumb:
  6. Congratulations Trinity on the state championship and a great season! You make Ky. proud! Hope you are crowned #1 in the nation, you've earned it! :thumb:
  7. Congratulations Bowling Green on the 5A state championship and a great season!.....from a Bluebird fan.:thumb:
  8. Congratulations 2011 Highlands Bluebirds, STATE CHAMPIONS! Undefeated season! Cudos to the coaching staff and the young men who worked so hard to win the state championship! As you can see from all the posts, we are very proud of you. :thumb:
  9. Until BG beats Highlands, they'll be no higher than 3rd. Because you run the score up on teams, you think you're God's gift to Ky. football. IMO, Highlands would have beaten BG this year and your purple pride would have been stomped on. But since there's no way to prove it, you speculate all you want, that's what you do in a fantasy world.:thumb: What is a Purple? Just a definition, not all of the idealistic wordage that some would lay out because they don't know the definition.
  10. Great video! I've always admired Jim Bunning and, of course, Pat for his accomplishments on the field. What a wonderful family! :thumb:
  11. I think the Birds need to guard against overconfidence.
  12. This is a "new season" for Dixie. Time to play hard nosed football like you're capable of doing. Just get it done.:thumb:
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