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  1. Kentucky had prior commitments for their field as they had softball camp going on during the week.
  2. All bats used in NFHS must have the ASA stamp. The 2018 Ghost I believe Silver one is approved. The 2019 Ghost Gold one is not approved. Since the umpires don't check equipment starting either last year or this year and only ask head coach if everybody is legally equipped and using approved equipment then if found is a ding on the head coach. First offense of using is head coach is restricted to dug out. Second offense is head coach is ejected.
  3. With this format only 8 teams will be in state tournament and they will add a semi state round to be played the same week as state tournament. I haven't seen yet the plan for where the semi state games will be played or which region will host.
  4. From what I have heard sounds like the Lady Colonels bats were pretty hot this weekend.
  5. I would agree with the Total Control weighted ball. But I still also use their rubber wiffles also. They are also good with instant feedback and Batters can take more swings on them. The weighted ones we try to keep their reps down around only 10 per session.
  6. The ball on a field goal is a live ball that can be returned if it doesn't reach the goal line. Once it reaches the goal line it becomes dead and is considered a touch back and the ball is put back in play at the 20 yard line. If the ball is badly missed and goes out of bounds on the sideline at the 3 yard line then the ball would be put back in play to the other team at the 3 yard line.
  7. Has anybody heard who has applied for this position?
  8. Speaking for baseball and softball if you do your stats on GameChanger the stats can be sent directly to MaxPreps which automatically links to KHSAA stats. So you don't have to total stats in book then input stats online. Very quick and easy.
  9. 40th Bourbon County W Montgomery County L 39th Mason County W Bracken County L 38th Harrison County W Nicholas County L 37th Campbell County Bishop Brossart Play Friday at Scott High Draw is Saturday morning.
  10. Just heard that games for tonight have been canceled due to rain from last night. I thought they had a tarp? Anybody else around the state canceling tonight?
  11. Any updates on this, I heard they interviewed last week and were expecting to announce late this week or early next week.
  12. Anyone know any details about what happened at the end of the West Jessamine / Boyle Co. Game? According to a video that doesn't show much, both coaches yell at each other and teams don't shake hands. Hard to make out what was being yelled or what happened to lead up to that meltdown.
  13. Could it end up being a 39th district rematch in the region finals? Time will tell. Good luck to all the teams.
  14. Maddy Tipton had two goals, Katelyn Whitaker had a goal and Katelyn Donovan had an assist for Bourbon. Bourbon meets up with Harrison County in the semifinals Wednesday at 6:00 at Harrison County.
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