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  1. Can someone tell me if the Yellow Ghost is approved for use in high school? I tried searching KHSAA and couldn't find a list. Thought someone on her could tell me quicker than I could find it. As always I appreciate your input. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know when the all region teams are announced? Also wonder how they are selected? Coaches vote? stats or an accumulation? Thank you.
  3. They are legit. I’ve seen them play several games. The are young but only by age. Several of these girls play travel ball and are seasoned long beyond their years. They don’t get rattled. They have chemistry. These girls like each other. It’s fun to watch. This is not a PC team that you can look past anymore. Also they have a parent that does all the games live via Twitter you can tune in to her and follow along.
  4. I look for this to be a close physical match up. That seems to be the way teams approach playing Allen. I think it will be a one or two possession game late that PC stretches with free throws at the end. I'd say PC by 8 or 9 in a game that was much closer than the score says it was.
  5. Wanted to get some insight on the upcoming season. Players to look out for, Teams on the verge. Is there a front runner? Who is your sleeper? I figured rather than comment on anymore threads that are two years old i'd just make my own...:lol2: I look forward to reading it.
  6. Pendleton County has a few young talented players. Their CF and Catcher were eighth graders last year who I believe both hit over .400. And the SS last year was a 7th grader who leads off. Hit .350 with a .550 OBP about 40 runs. Those are all solid numbers for middle schoolers playing Varsity.
  7. I wouldn't sleep on the Pendleton County Ladycats. They are young and talented. 3 of their first 5 batters last year were in middle school. They had Nicholas on the ropes in the 38th district. Lost by one run.
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