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  1. Touchdown Danville the ads are coming to life, EP is good Ads lead 33-26 wow the ads woke up, keep it going 21 unanswered pts:flame:
  2. End of the 3rd Quarter tied at 26, but the Ads have it at the Tigers 2yd line.
  3. Ads recover a fumble 1st down in bardstown territory, Go Ads:flame:
  4. Touchdown ads 50 yd td pass score is tied 26-26:flame:
  5. Wireman, I think the Ads are losing a lot of players to Boyle Co. Also the Ads are just not getting the big lineman anymore. Don't think the Ads will win a title for a long time.:confused:
  6. Touchdown ads 75 yd pass Bardstown now leads 26-19 wow:flame:
  7. TD Tigers they lead the ads 26-12:scared:
  8. Ads had them stopped, but a personel foul gives the tigers 1st and goal
  9. Tigers have a 1st down on the ads 19 yd line
  10. Ads turn it over on downs, The ads are killing themselves it's halftime Bardstown leads 19-12 Ads are in trouble
  11. 40 seconds left in the half, Danville deep in Bardstown territory
  12. Touchdown Bardstown xp is good Bardstown 20-12 the ads are not a good football team
  13. ADS tOUCHDOWN 5 MINUTES LEFT IN THE HALF XP IS no good tied at 12
  14. Ads are playing awful so far, have beenin bardstown territory 5 times
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