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  1. I know one year Highlands had at least 3 players in the game Dempsey, Head, Tony G. There is an example of NKY representation in the past. I am not sure why there are not any players on this years roster.
  2. MoCo and Madison Central definitely helped with the attendance. I was hoping for a MoCo vs Madison Central championship, i know all of Montgomery County would have been in Rupp.
  3. Ballard is the popular pick and probably the favorite. However being a Montgomery Basketball Alum i have to go with the Indians behind a special night from Omar Prewitt. If The support from Mt. Sterling has been amazing, i was told they bought the most tickets during the opening round. If Montgomery and Madison Central both win there will be A LOT of MC Indians fans filling Rupp! haha
  4. That's actually Andre Smith i'm pretty sure. Mount Cody would probably look worse.
  5. You are not the first person i've heard say that... I'm sure he is a great player but i have not heard many positive things.
  6. Coaches have banned college programs from their school before, Spurrier is not welcome at Tucker High School. Spurrier 'no longer welcome' at high school - College Football - College Basketball - Rumors - FanNation Coaches just want to do what they feel is best for their kids...
  7. Saw on twitter his Trinity teammate Reggie Bonnafon has committed to UofL as a QB!
  8. An article on NFL.com says Phil Knight is doing everything he can to keep Chip out of the NFL and at Oregon. I wonder what Knight is doing behind the scenes.
  9. This topic has been discussed before, and i am always amazed with the facilities at some schools. Montgomery County has some of the top facilities in the state in all sports. They have two weightrooms on campus with the top weightroom being connected to the field house, it is generally football only in that weight room. Wrestlers also use the facility as well as few basketball players. It's not just the facilities that are impressive at Montgomery County but the equipment is top notch. I've been in the weightroom with a college coach and he said Montgomery County has the largest chains he had ever seen. They also have a couple of prowlers and a couple running sleds. Since Montgomery County has made the changes to the weightroom they have gone on to be very competitive in powerlifting, i believe they have won a few 5A state championships. The link has a couple pictures of the weight room, Facilities
  10. Personally I think both players will win the award, in 2005 Steve Smith and Tedy Bruschi shared the award. IMO the fact that AP played last year makes it even more impressive that he is doing what he is doing. If he had a whole year to sit out and recover like Peyton than it would not be as impressive, it would actually make him human. I do think what Peyton is doing is quite impressive, as a college football player i've had neck injuries and they are scary! As a running back to tear your ACL and come back within months even better than before is unheard of. Far too often an ACL tear is a career ending injury for the position, or will slow down a players career greatly. We can all think of multiple running backs that were never the same after a knee injury. One could easily argue for Peyton and justify it, i personally thought he would come back and play well, not as great as he is doing though. I did not think AP would come back and dominate the way he is. IMO Again i think both will share the award, rightfully so.
  11. Mike Furrey has done some amazing things at KCU. I think he would be a great hire at Morehead, I would be surprised if he left KCU so fast though.
  12. I'm sure there is a small college coach that will give this kid a chance. I know he has rubbed many small college coaches in the state the wrong way at many camps, where they would try to teach him things and he would blow them off. I know at least one NAIA school that would never offer him because of his attitude. Like I said though there will be a coach that would love to have him...
  13. I know it would never happen but why does UK or another D1 team in need of a coach give Larry Kehres of Mount Union a call? He may not be a long term answer but he could do some good things in just a couple years.
  14. To answer some questions some people are asking, and this is based on what I know which isn't much more than anyone else knows. President Crouch at Georgetown is not a very popular man when the college was looking at going D3 he was quoted as saying that "none of our teams are national championship contending teams". Crouch burned a lot of bridges with Georgetown alum and especially athletes/coaches. I think this is the biggest reason Happy left Georgetown as well as the fact that there was a chance they would move to D3. As far as the new super at Montgomery County I can't even begin to describe how terrible he is. Teachers in the system fear everday that they will loose their jobs, many people say you can never guess his mood and he will fire anyone at anytime. People that have been in the system for years are being fired and there are some talks of lawsuits which the school district would have to pay. Every principle at the high school and middle school has been let go or will be let go before next year. For the record I know Phil Rison had more impact on hiring Happy than the new super, Montgomery County had the perfect canidate for the job in Phil but didn't take it and now they are paying. Another bit of knowlegde that I know, Happy loves the city of Lexington and Mount Sterling's location is perfect for what he was looking for, as a Montgomery County fan I have surprised but happy that we got Happy.
  15. My roommate played for Kenny, he told me about this last night. Please keep his kids in your prayers.
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