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  1. Do Campbell and SK play in the same district as the the other 4 six a schools in NKY with other sports besides football ???
  2. I have a question. Now that it is looking like the rain will miss us today. Are the Cooper coaches out watering down the field this morning??? :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Just kidding. Good Luck to both teams.
  3. I am a Ryle fan. And I agree. There are a few people that get on BGP and give Ryle a black eye with all the trash they talk.
  4. All joking aside. On grass with rain in the forecast. I give Cooper a slight edge. However I will be rooting for Ryle.
  5. Big surprise. UK#1fan voting against Ryle. I think he voted for Ryle to lose in the bye week.
  6. I hope you are right. I am a Ryle fan. Where we disagree is I beleave in in showing respect to your opponent.
  7. I am a Ryle fan so my heart says Ryle. But I was just wondering why two BGP rankings would have have them flip flopped.
  8. At this point I think it's a coin flip. Good news is we will find out on 10/9.
  9. OK. So the BGP NKY rankings has Cooper ahead of Ryle. But in the BGP 6A rankings Ryle is ahead of Cooper ?????
  10. I am a Ryle fan. S.K. Should be number 1. Good news is it will be settled on the field.
  11. I followed the game on Twitter. It sounded like he only played half way through the second quarter.
  12. I am a Ryle fan. I hope they win. But going into their home is a BIG task. When was the last time Highlands lost at home ??
  13. You are sounding like a fan from over in Kenton County. Show some class.
  14. I have learned over the years to never count Highlands out. I picked S. C. In this one. But come Dec I'm betting Highlands will be playing in Bowling Green.
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