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  1. I'm not upset at all. I never said schools cheat either. I simply stated advantages some have over others is all.
  2. We win plenty thanks. I'm also not unhappy, quite the contrary. I'm extremely proud of Cooper's short history and what they accomplished. Actually it means more knowing they've won what they've won not having the same advantages other schools have.
  3. FC claimed the post he quoted of mine had no reference to dominate. Simple as that. I showed where that post I did mention it and since I pointed that fact out he has disappeared. That's all, that's how it should be. Then you started up with the entire misunderstanding also claiming I'm not haiku with the bengals being 7-0 when I never said that at all And tried to explain to you what this topic was about. 10 Point spread. Simple as that and why I wouldn't bet on the game and take the points. From there you took my reasoning as to mean I think the team is bad and I'm not happy with 7-0.
  4. Go read the entire post. Post the entire post. You just proved my point when I just quoted one part of your list and didn't show the entire post you listed to show how you and FC take bits and pieces and conviently ignore the rest of the post to fit your argument. You did exactly what I said you were doing.
  5. Reading what you posted you clearly misunderstood what I posted. With GT and FC both I posted my post they misquoted. Just go back in this thread and the thread last night and you will see the list I posted proving they were wrong in what They claimed I said. Just scroll up in here. FC claimed in the original post he quoted of mine I here I never used the word dominated, I showed the exact post and highlighted the word for him. Did the same to GT last night. As far as that pass I never said I didn't say it was a poor throw, as a matter of fact I reposted the actual post from the update thread to prove him wrong when he said I blamed the entire thing in Dalton and in the very first sentence of that list I said "bad throw but should have been caught" So now you are doing the same thing they have done and claimed something that I didn't do. I never said I didn't say it wasn't a bad pass. I said it was but also said it should have been caught. So don't go and do what those two always do and make things up. I produced the very post last night so why would I say I never said it was a bad throw? I said it was but also said it should have been caught. Go back and read that thread if you like. So if you are claiming I never said what I claimed Insaid, go read again.
  6. Read what you just posted. Read it and then tell me what I meant. You answered the very question but it still flew over your head. I will give you a hint. When I said "my definition of dominate is winning by 2 or more scores". Get it yet? Remember what this thread is about? Remember how they have won their last few games? The point spread is 10 points. That is what this thread is about. 3 of their last 5 games were won by 7 points or less. That means less than 2 scores. The point spread is 10 points( 2 scores) that is why I said because they haven't been winning a lot of games in a dominating fashion I would not take the bet. That isnt being negative, that is being realistic.
  7. That's what this thread is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The point spread. What do you think point spreads are for? Now do you finally get what my post meant? It was about this topic. You and FC both have a reading comprehension issue with this topic. It's all about the point spread. It's not rocket science. I never once said I wasn't happy with the wins. Not once.
  8. No I'm not!!!! Read my post!! Wow people, learn to keep the posts in reference to the topic at hand! Let me break it down for you. This topic asks if 10 points is a good point spread for the Bengals Browns game being played Thursday Night. Got it? I answered the question IN MY OPINION that I wouldn't put money and take the points simply because of the way they have been winning their last 3 or 4 games where they have been coming down to the last drives of the game etc. Insaid that they aren't dominating games like I would think of as a 7-0 team. That is all. Never once said I wasn't happy about them being 7-0. Never once even hinted I wasn't in the least happy with their record. What I was saying was I wouldn't put my hard earned money on that bet. Give me your money and I will lay it all on the Bengals with the points. I'm not putting my money on it. Now if you read my post you would also see that I stated IN MY OPINION that Inthinknthey should win by more than 10 but again because of the close games the last 3 or 4 games it wouldn't surprise me if they win by less than 10. You do realize that was like the 3rd come from behind win in the last month which means they haven't been winning in dominate fashion. Does that make sense to you! It's not that confusing.
  9. Exactly. That is why I asked him why he is so upset. It's not like it is against their rules. It happens, why act as if it doesn't and why act like it's not an advantage compared to other schools across the state. It is what it is. No biggie, just pointing out it happens.
  10. Then prove we are wrong and all the kids at T and St X were born and raised in the immediate area surrounding the schools. Don't know why you are getting upset. Did I state they were breaking rules? Nope. But to deny Trinity doesn't have students that grew up in other school districts is false and don't know why you deny it happens.
  11. ^^^ show me where I ever said I wasn't happy with the wins. Read the thread title, read what this thread is about. I answered the question about this thread and why although I think the Bengals SHOULD win by at least 10, why I wouldn't put money down and take the points because of the way they won the last 3 or 4 games. If people can't understand my reasoning why I wouldn't bet the points then they haven't watched the last few games. That is all. Never once did I ever say I wasn't happy with the wins. Not once. Know what thread you are in people so you can try and keep the posts in context of what is being discussed.
  12. What the heck does that mean? You see FC what I'm talking about?
  13. Again FC you should take time to read before replying to any of my posts. So you see FC, I did use the word dominated in the original post you quoted. So now you say you agree with me in that they haven't been winning Ina dominate fashion like the Pats for instance have been. The problem I have with you is when you don't read the post and make replies which, just like you did last night make me look like an idiot by saying things that weren't said by me etc in the fashion that you lead people on to believe. That is why I get po'ed at you in the post you make because they are half truths and half lies that make me look like I actually said everything you claimed. That is why I'd rather you not reply to any of my posts because you continue to misquote and misinterpret everything and when you post after the fact and mention me everyone thinks what you are saying is the gospel about me and I have to waste way too much time in you pointing out where you are wrong g again and again. So do me a favor buddy, don't reply to any of my posts because you always end up exaggerating as well as lie. It gets old.
  14. I never said that in the history of high school football that a team besides T or StX would never win state. I did address it by the way when I said in the last 15 years T and St X won 13 titles combined and Scott Co and Male won 1 each. Those 1A teams have the same advantage that T and St X have so hey are in the same boat. Their size isn't my worry. Equal playing field is what matters and they all have the same capabilities to attract out of area students.
  15. My criteria of a 7-0 Team is to have 7 wins and 0 Losses. Duh! What do you think 7-0 means? Because you need hand holding in every post let me explain something to you. When I said what Insaid, it meant when I think of a 7-0 team I don't think of a team that is only winning games in the last play or drives of a game. I think of them as having some dominating performances along the way and this team hasn't in the last 4 games.
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