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  1. I'll take a raise, but all I want is 48 minutes with an oblong ball and 22 of my friends.
  2. Staff and students will be required to wear masks in schools when they return. It's a done deal in my district that was discussed with staff yesterday. Students must wear masks in order to receive free transportation, free breakfast and lunch and 7.5 hours of free childcare for their parents. This is the "ultimatum" laid out for students' return to school. Now, if someone said, "If you wear a mask today, you will give a young man the unique opportunity to participate in the greatest game in America. If you don't, they will not." Would you wear a mask? No one has said it yet, but I'm saying it now. I have to look at it through this lense for it to make sense to me. I encourage you folks to as well. Wear a mask for football, please.
  3. That is a good question, is TMU better suited to attract more/better kids from across the river in Cinci? But that may be a topic for a different thread. Regardless of school or level, it is an accomplishment to even be on the list that has been compiled. First, that these athletes have decided to further their education and, second, that they have also dedicated themselves to intercollegiate athletics, because it can be a job at times. Congrats and good luck to each of these young men and to those that will be added.
  4. I guess I've finally reached that point in my life, or that age maybe, so I'll say it for my very first time...BACK IN MY DAY...lol I was once apart of an NAIA squad that had some success. Each year, about 35-45% of the gameday guys were from NKY. I speak mainly offense because that's what I played, but there were a few NKY guys on the defense as well. So out of about 18 guys, 6 or 7 were from NKY. Out of a freshman class of about 50 or 60, there were more than a solid dozen of us that were NKY boys. Like you say, not everyone stays. My point however, is that the other NAIA schools do recruit NKY hard, as evidenced above, and that TMU now has the ability to retain players it would not have been able to in the past, thus getting quality kids amongst the fodder that will inevitably fall out. So TMU has a great advantage. Alternatively, if the NAIA schools, including my beloved Tigers, have shifted strategy and are failing to recruit NKY they have made a grave error if the favor of TMU.
  5. So far from the information in this thread, IMO, it would appear that Thomas More moving to NAIA and being able to offer athletic scholarships has improved its ability to recruit the NKY region. It has also reduced the number of signees going to other NAIA schools in KY from the NKY region. Only one Gtown and Union signee apiece. Alternatively it could be a matter of strategy, an emphasis in recruiting closer to home while the other NAIA programs just aren't recruiting NKY as hard. Either way, I believe its good for TMU and bad for the rest of the MSC. There is much talent in NKY; Talent I would love to see end up at GTown that has now shifted to TMU.
  6. From Pendleton County, all going to Thomas More. Colby Beane Colton Beane Matthew Campbell
  7. Love it Coach. Great post, sometimes you have to show the guys a different side of yourself. No one loves and wants to play for a stone wall or statue, however they will run through a stone wall for men they have great relationships with. Constantly build and rebuild those relationships. Now my question is this, who is the baker/decorator?
  8. You are obviously a parent that is involved with their child on most, if not all, of the activities he is involved with, including academics most likely. Unfortunately, for a great many children, parental involvement is next to nothing. I have had kids tell me this year that they must quit because their parents won't transport them to and from practice anymore (see the thread about poverty and football from last week for more understanding). I have also had kids tell me that their parents encourage them to quit so that they, the parent, no longer are burdened by the sport. No amount of culture changing with the kids will fix adults who have no buy-in themselves, especially those that are not invested in their own children.
  9. Boys were jacked up and ready for this one. Running clock started late in second quarter. If they continue to play like this...whew...let's just say that everyone involved with this program wants another run at Mason County
  10. With soccer season coming to a close in Pendleton Co, we went under the lights 7-9 last night for practice. Might try to do it the same way for fall break next week. The kids seemed to enjoy it and the field can't get much worse than it already is. We just tried to stay on the periphery most of practice and salvage what we can. It gets a 2 week break while we are on the district road trip, so no more games on it except football games (thank God).
  11. They have in the past but one would think you'd vary the schedule since the new postseason play has you playing within your district. That would mean there is the chance to see Bellevue vs Dayton 3 different times this fall.
  12. I wouldn't trust the khsaa schedule for Dayton just yet, it shows Bellevue on there twice right now so it's not accurate.
  13. May 27th Game 1: 11am Scott High vs Pendleton Co. Game 2: 1pm GRC vs Mason Co Game 3: 3pm Harrison Co vs Bourbon Co Game 4: 5pm Bracken Co vs Campbell Co May 28 Semifinal 1: 5pm Pendleton Co vs GRC Semifinal 2: 7pm Bourbon Co vs Campbell Co May29 Championship Game: 6pm Pendleton Co vs Bourbon Co
  14. May 27th Game 1: 11am Scott High vs Pendleton Co. Game 2: 1pm GRC vs Mason Co Game 3: 3pm Harrison Co vs Bourbon Co Game 4: 5pm Bracken Co vs Campbell Co May 28 Semifinal 1: 5pm Pendleton Co vs GRC Semifinal 2: 7pm Bourbon Co vs Campbell Co May29 Championship Game: 6pm Semifinal 1 winner vs Semifinal 2 winner
  15. Here is what the Bracket looks like for the 10th Region Softball Tournament at Campbell County, May 27-29. I'll try to remember to update this as it goes forward. Come out on Memorial Day and watch some good ball games! May 27th Game 1: 11am Scott High vs Pendleton Co. Game 2: 1pm GRC vs Mason Co Game 3: 3pm Harrison Co vs Bourbon Co Game 4: 5pm Bracken Co vs Campbell Co May 28 Semifinal 1: 5pm Game 1 winner vs Game 2 winner Semifinal 2: 7pm Game 3 winner vs Game 4 winner May29 Championship Game: 6pm Semifinal 1 winner vs Semifinal 2 winner
  16. I think everyone in the region is hoping that, but to be the best you have to beat the best. There will be some good softball being played next week in this tournament. You'll get your money's worth for sure.
  17. Yes on all accounts. The bats were cracking for the Ladycats and the young pitcher recorded 8 K's in only 5 innings. They looked like a team that is peaking at the right time. Draw is Thursday and they will play on Monday at Campbell County.
  18. Anyone know why Coach Brausch decided to leave? I know his son is graduating, is this enough reason for him to move on? Or are there other factors at play?
  19. Our guy went down and had a heck of a time. Learned a lot. He felt like he was better by the end of the session. Definitely know what he needs to work on now. Thanks coach for putting this on, hope to send more your way in the future. He was impressed with your facilities as well. Beats the pants off of our storage shed and portable outhouse!
  20. Without all the debate about # of classes and who makes the playoffs... I agree with the decision and @theguru . Regardless of who our team was to play in any sport, if we have to travel pretty far there just won't be as big of a following. Now if we would have to travel to Belfry, Corbin or Central we are talking about even less fans making the trip. This in turn hurts the gate at the game. On the other hand, if its the postseason and all you need to do is make the trip to Maysville or Flemingsburg to support your team, you can stop at the Ponderosa, catch the game and support your school. There is also the kids to keep in mind. It may be different for other schools who play out of state games and get on tv every other week, but our kids look forward to seeing the kids they played against last year, remember their #'s and add them on social media. They see them at other sporting events and some even know each other outside of school functions. Our kids seem excited to have the opportunity to play the same team twice if they have a history with that team. All they got to do now is make the darn playoffs!
  21. Here is the PC schedule, for any who are interested or in case anyone needs to reference it to piece together opponents schedules. I won't speak for everyone involved, but I believe most are happy with this schedule if they understand where the program stands right now. 8/17 Owen Co. -Scrimmage 8/23 Gallatin Co. 8/30 Nicholas Co. -Salute to Service Game 9/6 at Bracken Co. 9/13 at Dayton 9/20 at Paris 9/27 Mason Co. -Homecoming 10/4 at Lewis Co. 10/11 at Powell Co. 10/18 Fleming Co. 10/25 Bye 11/1 Bishop Brossart -(Senior Night?)
  22. The Scouting report says Bath Co. is returning a lot. They will have a very strong senior class highlighted by Swartz, who asides from seeming like a good young man is one heck of a runner. From what I saw at the weight lifting meet Bath Co hosted, they will be strong across the board. Good luck to Coach Poynter, his staff and the boys as the summer starts to heat up.
  23. Niagara falls is cool but make sure you have your passports. I think you can get to the Canadian side without them, but you can't get back into the States without your passports. There is a tour that takes you behind the falls on the Canadian side and its pretty cool. And of course there is the Maid of the Mist cruise.
  24. Name is Matt Campbell #7. I think he has a JV highlight from last year on Hudl. I don't know if he has a Varsity highlight but he was the kid that threw a bomb on the 3rd play to put us up 6-0 on Russell, led another good drive after that before he got exposed. lol Needed more reps running the option, but he doesn't have to compete with a senior anymore to get those reps.
  25. That is the nearest goal for the program, and we felt we were really close last year to being competitive in the district. Being the last year in this alignment, it really is time to do it or get off the pot. We would love to be that team that gets in the playoffs, more so we would love to be that team that earns their way to the playoffs and our 6 team district makes for games where there is something on the line. A personal goal of mine means Bath County is circled on the calendar. Back to back years of last second play losses to Lewis County really stings and our kids are P.O.'d and ready for that game. Fleming loses a lot but is a solid program. West has the same team but a new guy holding the reigns. Then there is of course the 3 hour trip down to Russell. We need to knock off 2 to get in and we really believe it is going to happen, but we will surely find out in the fall.
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