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  1. Help where they need it. Speed on offense and corner. Not good when your most common play is QB draw. IMO.
  2. And it was strange to see Highland sitting around while CCH ran their pregame. Highlands just did some warm up at the last minute. Pregame at home first?
  3. The talent gap is smaller but exists. The close wins by the Colonels against Beechwood and Dixie this year I characterize as “system “ wins. The players are pretty good and know the system. A great system. Hopefully when the Colonels meet a really good team in the playoffs they’ve really got it down and play well enough to keep winning.
  4. I thought the SW and BG game showed 5A is wide open. SW, BG, FD, CCH, and others all have shot.
  5. March Madness. Any given night anything can happen when a bunch of kids take the floor. Gotta luv it.
  6. Games are 48 minutes, but those are a lot of minutes they are seemingly struggling against lesser opponents. Was the second group playing a lot in the first half?
  7. So the new kids parents took jobs at NKU because CCH?
  8. No coincidence CCH had senior Coach sons at point when they won their titles.
  9. It’s been an issue ever since the last coach’s son graduated. They struggled against press last year too.
  10. A power run only offense wasn’t that effective against CCH with the athletes crowding up to stop it with no real deep threat.
  11. Senior 3 year starting QB makes any team better. Still have good receivers and RB. Seem like every year the unknown is the line?
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