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  1. March Madness. Any given night anything can happen when a bunch of kids take the floor. Gotta luv it.
  2. Games are 48 minutes, but those are a lot of minutes they are seemingly struggling against lesser opponents. Was the second group playing a lot in the first half?
  3. Getting Highlands at home after two years helps but you never know. Probably going to be a very good team but the schedule good be any where from 9-1 to 7-3. With out as many elite athletes, any given Friday can mean a loss. Senior QB can cover some holes but unlikely to be as dominating offense.
  4. So the new kids parents took jobs at NKU because CCH?
  5. No coincidence CCH had senior Coach sons at point when they won their titles.
  6. It’s been an issue ever since the last coach’s son graduated. They struggled against press last year too.
  7. A power run only offense wasn’t that effective against CCH with the athletes crowding up to stop it with no real deep threat.
  8. Endless debate and most CCH fans don’t really worry about Trinity. However, CCH face many good RBs. The issue as I said before is size and strength on the line. Highlands won a lot of titles with smaller athletic lines. But they weren’t playing Trinity and X for those. I don’t think JC and Boyle and FD has enough to overwhelm CCH defense line and front 7. I am assuming Trinity would at least this year. 2017 was closer IMO.
  9. Darn. Have to wait 8 months for HS football again.
  10. CCH was far more than just Mike this year. He made big difference obviously but most of the pass defense was corners and safeties. Felix is really good at LB If he was all they had on offense, why didnt teams put three guys on him? Cause the other receivers would eat them alive. Have no issue with most people ranking them 3. Pure size and depth in trenches is why. That’s why FD held them to 14. FD has more athletes than most teams in the 12 and they get 4th. No one else should be ranked above CCH but 6A.
  11. Senior 3 year starting QB makes any team better. Still have good receivers and RB. Seem like every year the unknown is the line?
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