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  1. Like I said three score lead is best. But if victory formation can end it then end it. If you need first down, a deep try is fine.
  2. Just had a great season and not having to reload as much as this year. Most pieces should be there and a passing game will make them competitive for at least region again.
  3. Not entirely but did BW offense success limit CCH offense possessions? Wear down the defense? And excuse or explanation. Again just tossing opinions around. Point being Colonels had a great year.
  4. Not me. Great season for team just like when the boys win it all. They beat Highlands twice and undefeated in District. Fifth straight appearance in Region. The Beechwood loss hurt but an anomaly with a Mr Kentucky 5th year Quarterback Said above WC had great RBs and a good QB and won fair and square. Aren’t we on here to give our opinion? LOL IMO the teams weren’t that unevenly matched. Per usual this the CCH D kept them alive. Any given Friday with teenagers…
  5. This math is simple so it’s not about score but risking injury when the game is won for me. But… a two score lead can become an onside kick for a shot to win. Three scores is the more ironclad win so either way is ok by me.
  6. I also disagree the game wasn’t close. One yard from 14-14 half and a big difference. Holt 5 yards behind the defense and if Agee throws 5 more yards to end zone it’s 21-21 in the fourth One missed tackle on 4th down and WC only scores 21 total. They made plays and won but the margin was very close on a team with what, 75 yards passing?
  7. The draw was the most common play for the last two years. Not sure why last year with. 3rd year starting QB. This years not a good arm. Surprised there weren’t more roll outs so Agee could see and have pass run option.
  8. Hard to go deep in the playoffs without a good QB. And I mean the ability to throw. Two years the colonels have run a lot of WB draw and few deep balls. Six years with Mayer and Jacob and just haven’t had the passing game this year. Not really last year. Great season for them just can’t win it all every year. WC great RBs and a good QB just too much.
  9. Also think Conner beat CCH in 1985? It wasn’t officially playoff but last game of the season and winner won the subdistrict. 9-0 CCH lost and was not in playoffs.
  10. I saw in HIghlands this year an average HS football team who on any given Friday could win or fall flat. CCH is above average and a throwing QB away from being a champion team. I’d be surprised if they don’t win next week. After that it may be a coin toss every week. Anything’s possible. I’d give the Birds coaching staff a mulligan this year. I just don’t think they had the horses some think they had. Some athletes and some heart out there but CCH on a different level again this year.
  11. Wow. Highlands offense held scoreless by Cov Cath and only scored on a bad snap. But ok. And CovCath at home. Any given Friday I guess….
  12. No. Just the best QB which makes all the difference in HS.
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