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  1. Football is a dangerous sport. It has become increasingly dangerous as everyone has become bigger, faster, and stronger. Due to the public limelight that football is held, we have become increasingly aware of concussions. With all of that being said, American football is a "huge" (for lack of better words) business in our country....lawsuits are equally huge. Neither of them are going anywhere. Negligence should be something addressed from NFL down to youth football. It begins with parent choice to player choice to professional choice. Do I believe football below the the collegiate level will be affected by concussion lawsuits?? Maybe...But football has a particular nature in which it is meant to be played, it is not for everyone....never has been. I truly hope that the game is not damaged. Players know the risk, parents know the risk. Coaches, take care of your kids like they were your own.
  2. I know this thread is about Brossart but i simply wanted to respond fairly to this quote: 3-8, 6-6, 6-6, 4-7, 6-5, 5-6, 8-4, 11-2, 8-3, 9-3, 7-4 Looks to me like this change is about 3 years overdue....Is this change of winning coincidental to Simon Kenton improving their program?
  3. You must not have an ear in this program, as you do in the Ryle program. The whole culture of the Dixie program needs changes as it was evident from underachieving seasons along with the off the field problems. I am not sure hiring an in-house guy is what they need but good look to them never-the-less.
  4. Ryan Smith had a great year, could have made the list on both sides of the ball. You can't say that for very many players theses days.
  5. Whats going on Ryle...I believe Ryle is going through their last phase of down classes. Travis Elliott overshadowed his entire class for four years. As a matter of fact, most on here predicted Ryle to finish near the bottom of the district, with him....obviously with hindsight, how good could they have really been, with Travis. They only had around 8-12 seniors with many of their juniors falling to season ending injuries. Lots of bad luck in Union but they still were able to accomplish a 7 win season. A congratulation are in order for the few seniors who stepped up this year, the rest of the team and the coaches for doing their best to fight without so many horses. What's going on at Ryle are some disgruntled parents, mostly regarding playing time and strategy by Coach Warner. Parents can not and will not decide what happens at practice or in games. They are trying to create controversy to diminish the coaching staff's hard work, searching for negativity. Sure, there will be kids unhappy with coaching strategies....an unhappy kid often leads to an unhappy parent. But, what if....a parent simply acts as a parent and tells their son "to trust the coach, they know what they are doing." But that is too difficult for many, parents know everything.
  6. How about 1. Lorenzen 2. Guidugli 3. Towles 4. Other HHS QB 5. Future HHS QB
  7. First, I am not surprised by the lack of knowledge of a player by some outside Highlands district. After looking up some stats....West in his Jr/Sr seasons had over 5,000 yards passing, 1,500 yards rushing, 50+ TD passes. Towles in his Jr/Sr seasons has over 5,000 yards passing, 1,500 yards rushing, 60+ TD passes. West is listed as a freshman on UC's roster.
  8. 1. Lorenzen 2. Nick West 3. Guidugli 4. Towles 5. O'Toole That's just in the past 15 years. There are many more who could be considered in the mix. But I don't believe Eviston or Smith are top 5. I also think this kid from Conner could be considered when its all said and done. But most probably won't consider them because they don't play Highlands.
  9. Scott Co is the third best team in 6A but and they are light years away from the top two...and a few steps ahead of everyone else. This is a contest to see who gets to get beat down by Trinity the following week. However a congratulations must go out to both teams for making it to this point. Boone's D will be the best thing to watch in this one but I believe their O will dig them too deep a hole. Scott Co 21 Boone Co 7
  10. 3 things can happen when you throw the football and two of them are bad....which happens to be the two things to typically happen to BC. Look, their quarterback has a fantastic arm but when they are winning games, it's hard to question motive and play calling. If they had lost and gone 0-3 passing, then your bark is warranted.
  11. I actually thought about this just before I read this post....But, did you know that only once since 2004 has a NKY 4A/6A school not been represented in the State Semis. That year my friend was 2005, when the future state champ Trinity beat BC. NKY 6A football was bad this year but is always better than Lexington and Western Kentucky. And many years better than most Louisville schools, not named T or X. Congrats to Boone County for having an opportunity to practice on Thanksgiving.
  12. :laugh: This dude is a pot stirrer. It is obvious you have a personal vendetta against Bryson Warner. Maybe the two of you should handle it like men and not on an anonymous forum. Think about it.
  13. A coach of the year should come from a school that succeeded beyond their teams expectations or showed great improvement. Which coach has done the best, with what they have to work with? If the award were given out to most deserving, not most surprising or "best team", I would say Rash of Beechwood or Wirth of CCHS. Beechwood will have an opportunity to win state and have defeated all of the NKY teams they face this season, with the exception of Cov Cath. Cov Cath, outside a possible upset win over the Birds, is likely the 2nd best team in 5A. There are so many posters that would like to call on their coach for having a "surprising" season or an "improved" season....like playing in the Regional Championship or winning your district with a 3-7 record. Awards are not won on regular season play alone and not playoff success alone. Coaches cannot be measured by an influx of talent. Sometimes talent is low, but good coaches will still win.
  14. If Lafayette has big dudes up front, I believe they will have enough to beat Boone. Boone has showed the ability to pass but that's not what they want to do.
  15. Campbells marquee win was Ryle, no doubt. They went 4-8 and 4-3 after their awful start, winning the district and earning a first round bye. But how can people say great season. What did they do that was great? Good luck in the future....but expect a more competitive district next season.
  16. With respect to UK#1Fans quote, UK isn't making the brightest of decisions these days, so we can't really evaluate one of theirs as being a good one.
  17. People can't just up and go to a private school. Public schools are set up for one thing, free education. All extracurricular activities are a privilege. Public school football in Lexington has not been as good as it should for many years. They may have had minimal cases of success but some will argue that those teams still underachieved.
  18. Coaching and lack of change in coaching. A previous poster said the coaching has changed too often but I would argue it changed in the wrong direction initially. Every school has size and speed. The right coach implements the right system, discipline, and gets boys interested in playing football. Junior High leagues help, coaching hinders. Henry Clay, Bryan Station, and Dunbar should be on the level of St. X.
  19. We can't talk about one team. Obviously Mayfield is proven, Boyle is proven. Those areas as a whole, not so great.
  20. If we are speaking in relative to the state of Kentucky, NKY football is great. If we are speaking relative to Trinity, absolutely not. NKY football is always the second best to best in be state, outside of Louisville. NKY is far superior in talent and coaching to EKY, WKY, and Central KY.
  21. Not one team from NKY in your final top ten. So what happens if a team makes it to the finals?
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