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  1. Rumor has it, much in fighting and parents not happy with staff?
  2. 15 minutes ago no problem, had 12,000 viewwers already, maybe blownup the system !lol
  3. I think everyone should take a chill pill and relax, birds are a great team, if all 16, 8, what ever amount of kids hurt would of have played, still highlands win, a little closeer but they win. Ryle has lot of talant coming up the pipeline, I hope all people involved figures it out, for what's best for the school and program.
  4. It's nothing to do about the championship for Freshmen, 6A, County, or Street level. It's about going out playing one more game, improvement for the next 3 years, plus a Rival team at that. IMO if Boone would of played Dixie, Dixie wins hands down.
  5. Boone didn't want any part of Ryle, they won the first time and know that it wouldn't happen the second time.
  6. I think the 4 teams that played eveyone should play on Monday then champ on thursday next week, since boone didn't play all they should be out.
  7. Who is avoiding someone? Schools have a limit on the amount of games a school can play, many factors going into scheduling, and you can never predict who will be good and who will not be, when making the schedule. Your point is meaningless!
  8. Not playing for Ryle, I believe already back at boone not sure if playing or not
  9. Also there is talk that Boone may have to forfiet Ryle game due to ineligable player. Not sure if true or not then they would only have 1 loss to Cov Cath, if Boone win and Dixie first game does not count?
  10. I agree if Dixie beats Ryle then give them the title, if not then call it even, because I've seen them all and think all are on same level, should keep this post to reflect four years from now
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