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Bluegrass Basketball Association Classy Veteran Leaving!

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I attended the Henry Clay/Sayre game last night at Bryan Station and was informed by one of the coaches I was sitting around that Cary Lyle was leaving the Bluegrass Basketball Association at the end of this season.:cry:


Cary has been the ultimate professional over the years he has been in the BBA. He will definately be missed by all who knew him around the the 10th and 11th regions.


Cary has officiated numerous district tournaments over the years mostly in the 42nd and 43rd District. two of the toughest in the State. This speaks volumes of how he was valued by the Coaches he worked for.:cool:


Cary also Officiated the Boys State Tournament 3 years ago and worked a fine tournament.:thumb:


Friday Night will be his last night in the 42nd and I hope he will go out as stong as ever. Good Luck in what ever you do Cary. You have earned it. We hope the best for you and your family.:thumb:

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