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  1. Goldie, after talking with some of the BBA guys they are going to the 7th and the 12th, since they represent both the 10th and 11th regions. Also only one of those officials will be calling a regional from that crew.
  2. Mr. Lyle is the Park Manager at Greenbo Lake State Park in Greenup Ky. He has driven down to the 10th and 11th region for years and has decided to give up the driving and stay closer to home in the 16th region. 16th Region Officials Association will be gaining a top notch official as will the member schools. I am sure the coaches are looking forward to him being there.
  3. Great Job this year Coach Scott Hundley. Woodford County back in the 11th Region Tournament. Also nice job to Coach Tony Wise at Frankfort. Looking forward to watching a few games in the 11th Region Tourney.
  4. I attended the Sayre/Henry Clay game last night and watched a well officiated ball game by all three officials. Yes this was a veteran crew of Cary Lyle(who is leaving the BBA at years end), Don Werner and Bo Queen. I really find it hard to believe that so many on here do not like Bo Queen. I have watched his Officiating for years in the BBA and some of his college games at Georgetown and find he is a really hard working official on the court. He runs the floor hard and always does his job. He has called numerous Districts and Regional Finals and feel like he is deserving of the State Tournament. Even the coaches I talked to in the stands last night said he was very deserving of the honor to officiate the state tournament. Good Luck to all the tournament officials. Your job is a HARD ONE.
  5. I attended the Henry Clay/Sayre game last night at Bryan Station and was informed by one of the coaches I was sitting around that Cary Lyle was leaving the Bluegrass Basketball Association at the end of this season.:cry: Cary has been the ultimate professional over the years he has been in the BBA. He will definately be missed by all who knew him around the the 10th and 11th regions. Cary has officiated numerous district tournaments over the years mostly in the 42nd and 43rd District. two of the toughest in the State. This speaks volumes of how he was valued by the Coaches he worked for. Cary also Officiated the Boys State Tournament 3 years ago and worked a fine tournament.:thumb: Friday Night will be his last night in the 42nd and I hope he will go out as stong as ever. Good Luck in what ever you do Cary. You have earned it. We hope the best for you and your family.:thumb:
  6. Coach Greg Letcher is one of the classiest guys in the region. He has coached many sports at Nicholas Co. and has dedicated himself to the program as well as the kids he has coached. A well deserved honor for him. way to go Coach Letcher..
  7. I have discussed the situation of all the officials associations going out of region this year. I have heard nothing but complaints from coaches in the 10th and 11th that they would much rather have their own BBA Officials than any other region. This might change after the regional tournament but according to the ones I have questioned they are really disappointed they are not getting the 10th/11th BBA Officials. Will be interested to see what happens after the region. However the 10th will be exchanging with the 9th and they have two top notch officials in Tim O'Hara and James Pouncy going to The Fieldhouse. Good Luck to them. Also good luck to Bo Queen for his first State Tournament. I am sure he will represent the BBA well in the regional and the State Tournament.
  8. I was told that Mr. Billman wil become the assigning secretary next season. Darryl Smith is still the assigning secretary this season.
  9. Does anyone know of the Dates and sites for the districts within the 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th and 16th Regions. Just trying to plan my week of Feb 21st. Going to try to make different districts within driving distance but would like to catch different districts than the 42nd and 43rd I normally attend.
  10. This absolutely breaks my heart for the family of Coach Murphy. I have known Mike for over 30 years. He is a genuine first class guy that was always about the kids. I know Mason County will definately be at a loss. Prayers going up for him, his family , and the Mason County Community..
  11. Watched this game on the CW last night. I recognized the tossing official as veteran Bo Queen. One of the other officials was veteran Kirk Hudson. Did not recognize the other official. I asked around with some of the BBA guys this morning and his name is Andre Williams. He moved into the area from Cincinnati.
  12. I have been to the fieldhouse for regional tournaments since back in the early 80's the answer to all these are YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Clyde it is about the almighty dollar...This tournament was very well attended and they charged 8.00 to get in each gym.
  14. This was the ONLY game in this tournament that utilized three officials. I am sure th powers at be in Lexington will have a backlash on that. I heard Several coaches and administrators at the first round Tates Creek/West Jessamine game say they were not told it would be 2 man crews. They were VERY disappointed that with this type of tournament, there were not 3 officials on EVERY Game.
  15. One thing about Coach Carr is he is passionate about the game of basketball.. Not sure which one is worse him on his kids or on the officials, But I think the officials would have the last say and he knows that ...
  16. Just talked to some friends from Winchester..JV starts at 5 then Varsity tip at 6...I just might have to get out of here and head over to GRC to see these two top teams go at it.
  17. Walter looks like you might get to see him play against Quality Education on Dec 12th at Rupp. Racing to the Rim Showcase. I think it is 5pm Start. Should be a good day of Basketball there...
  18. Looks Like I will have to venture back to the Sterling for some all day basketball...Wheter it be boys or girls, it looks like this Tourney will have some great matchups...Especially in the semi finals and finals.. Last years finals between Lafayette and Tates Creek was a barn burner...I hope this years will be too...
  19. Just talked to a friend of mine in Mt. Sterling and here is what he told me about the Holiday Classic:thumb: The 2010 Holiday Classic @ Montgomery County Lineup of teams that are participating this year Dec 28th-30th December 28th Boys Division Madison Central vs Rowan County 1:30pm The Barn Mason County vs West Jessamine 3:30pm The Barn Tates Creek vs Butler 6:00pm The Arena Montgomery County vs Lincoln County 8:00pm The Arena December 28th Girls Division Ballard vs North Laurel 2:00pm The Arena Casey County vs Montgomery County 4:00pm The Arena Rowan County vs Clay County 5:30 The Barn Madison Central vs Letcher Central 7:30 The Barn This is a really good lineup of teams for the boys and girls side.
  20. Yes Mr. Rogers is doing a fine job as Mr. Cousins' Assistant....... '
  21. NFHS must have had alot of complaints to put these in. I have watched many games when the team comes out and circles the whole playing floor and the opposing team starts yelling and taunting as well as the team circling the floor.. I think the coaches need to be more involved in this rule and take care of it...
  22. I had heard about the Fast Lane too but not the date...I will try to find out on both of these..
  23. Just Heard this scrimmage will be held the Saturday after Thanksgiving. November 27th at 3pm...I will try to get a confirmation on that..
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