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Trimble County Summer Shoot out

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This is on June 17, 18 and 19 and there are 7 teams attending


South Oldham







It should be interesting to look at some of the young girls in the 8th region.


Is there a schedule???

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Yes -


June 17


5 SO vs. Meade

6 Meade v CC

7 CC vs Shawe

8 Shawe vs TC


June 18

4 TC vs GC

5 GC vs SO

6 SO vs CC

7 CC vs TC

8 CC (JV) vs TC (JV)


June 19

4 TC vs SHelby

5 Shelby vs CC

6 CC vs GC

7 GC vs Meade

8 Meade vs TC


Hope that helps, not sure how it will go. CC has many girls out that week but Probably all the teams will be like that.

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I thought Gallatin looked good also. You can tell that Trimble is really working hard and may end up being very strong.


Can not tell anything about Carroll they are missing too many to even speculate. THey could be good or not. No idea at this time.


DId not think Meade, or South Oldham had a very strong showing but I am unfamiliar with their teams they may have girls out also. Shelby is very well Coached and will be good but they are beatable.


Trimble doea a nice job hosting this and thanks to them.

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