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Trigg County 24 Hopkinsville 17


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Hopkinsville got poor QB play and Trigg Co. was able to ware them down with their running game.


Hopkinsville's running game is farther along then I thought it would be and their passing isn't there yet like I thought it would be. Trigg brought more people then Hopkinsville could block and forced QB Marshall Stewart into forcing some throws or taking the sacks. He also missed some checks and open WR's.


Hopkinsville seems to have a legit FG kicker this year but their kickoff coverage was weak tonight against Trigg.

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Trigg had two 90-yard kickoff returns for a touchdown but only one counted. Holding flag brought the other one back.


Trigg's defense held Hopkinsville to 11 yards in the second half and had seven sacks on the night. Good win for Shannon Burcham in his first game as Trigg coach.


Series dates back to 1953, first win for Trigg in 17 career meetings with Hoptown.

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