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USF 74 UC 59


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UC did play well for about 5 minutes late in the game. They cut a 25 point lead down to 9 before falling apart again. I'll have the stats shortly, but they were shooting 18.8% from 3 in the last six games before this one. I can't imagine they were much better today...

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Ouch...USF is not a very good squad. USF had lost their last 3 games by an average of 22 points, including a 26 point home loss to UL.


Curious...WWAKD? Would UC be this bad off if Andy Kennedy were the coach?

I tend to think not.

Would UC have a team if AK stayed?

I harbor to think not.


UC was doomed when Hall and Hrycaniuk were ruled out, and it's now compounded by teams knowing all you have to do is stop Vaughn and Williamson and UC can't score.


What would have changed if AK stayed? Downey?

He would be nice, but he can't guard in the post.

Who else? Tilford? Yippie?


Mick is ten times the recruiter AK is, and I'm not sold that AK would have even been able to get this much talent on campus.


Game coaching would seem to go to AK at this point, I'll give you that.

But he was NEVER an option as the head coach...

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I dont keep up with UC basketball that much but I thought they would be better off than they are now.

There was some false hope after beating X, Temple and NC State. They don't have Big East talent this year, but the road back starts next winter...

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Did Cincy split with UofL last year? I don't recall the games for some reason. I'll look for the cards to take the lone game this season.

Yes. Hicks was concussed, but he wasn't going to lose his last game against UL at the Shoe. One of the most impressive single performances I've ever seen...

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