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Danville Christian Academy 72 Danville 65 (OT)

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What. A. Game. DCA Grayson Dominion absolutely destroyed the Ads with 26 points 9 rebs. Big Lua for DCA didn't play tonight. Demauriah Brown led Danville with 24 points. DCA handled Danville's press way better than the last time they played which led to easy buckets. I think Danville should've went to zone because DCA was driving the ball at them at will. Dut especially was. Good game to both teams but I think DCA is the better team and would win if they played again in the District tournament in my opinion. 

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With this result and Lincoln losing to Boyle the 45th District standings look like this:

  1. Lincoln County (6-1)
  2. Boyle County (4-2)
  3. DCA (3-3)
  4. Garrard County (2-5)
  5. Danville (1-5)


  • Lincoln clinches the #1 seed if they beat Danville. Boyle would need to beat both Danville and DCA and have Lincoln lose to Danville to get to a tiebreaker for the 1-seed (and I'm not sure how it is broken).
  • Boyle can finish no worse than 3rd.
  • DCA can't get the 1-seed but can lock up a spot in the 2/3 game with a win against either Garrard or Boyle.
  • Garrard can still finish third but would need to beat DCA, have Boyle also beat DCA, and have Danville lose at least one of their two remaining games (vs. Boyle; at Lincoln).
  • If I understand the tiebreaker correctly, Danville can't escape the 4/5 game. If the Admirals beat Boyle and Lincoln and DCA lost to Garrard and Boyle, Garrard would have the best record against the three and would get the three spot.
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I think Garrard County and Danville will play in the 4/5 game with the winner more than likely playing Lincoln County. DCA and Boyle County will more than likely be playing in the 2/3 with the winner advancing to the District Championship. I got DCA vs Lincoln in the District finals.  I think Boyle, Lincoln and DCA have separated themselves in the 45th District. Garrard County and Danville might peaked too early in the season. Lack of size is the main reason Danville won't advance and Garrard County relies on one player to do everything. I was always told if you got a great post presence and PG you have a shot to win in February and March! DCA has both, Boyle has both, Lincoln has both when healthy, Danville lacks both and Garrard don't have a true PG. 

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