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2007 Cawood


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They main ingredient to Cawood High School being successful is to instill a winning attitude into the coaches, players, and school. Cawood has been content with making a trip to the playoffs the last decade or so. That is great, but they only need one district win to achieve that goal. I think if Coach Perry can build confidence in these guys, they can compete in their realigned district. Breathitt will always be tough, but there is no reason we can't compete.

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I would have loved that schedule when I played, especially my first two seasons. When there is no Bell Co. and/or Rockcastle Co. on the schedule, you should feel more confident.


I don't like the open week before Powell Co. It would have been good to have it before the Breathitt game, though.

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I'm a tad ignorant about this schedule, but I'm going to make a very, very early prediction.


I say Cawood has a legitimate chance of going 6-4 with the losses coming by the way of Breathitt, M'boro, Cumberland, and Somerset.


Lee Co. may give them another loss. Also, you can never count Harlan out of this game.


Again, this is a surface prediction. I don't know much about these teams, yet.

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Like Cawoodballplayer, I'm going to make some predictions that are very very early. These could easily change by the summer, but for the interests of entertainment I'll go out on a limb and make some guesses.


at Harlan

Harlan has only lost once since the series reconviened in 2000. In the last 3 years, Harlan has won by a combined score of 82-13. I'm aware that things are different this season, but Cawood will have to be much better to pull out the win, especially with the game being at Joe Gilley Field. I'll go with Harlan in this one, despite losing a great senior class from last year.


at Evarts

Cawood should be the favorite to win this game. Evarts will be improved from last season, but I think Cawood should coast in this one.


Fleming County

Fleming County is far from a pushover and this game could go as far as determining which of these two teams gets a first round home playoff game. I see this game potentially going either way, and I'll go with Fleming County in a game going down to the wire.


at Lee, Va.

Lee County has had sucess against the Trojans in years past, but they'll have to be multi-dimensional to win this one. Strang things can happen across the border, but I think Cawood wins this game.


at Breathitt County

Breathitt should be rather solid this year, if I'm remembering correctly. Breathitt should win this one, but it could be much closer than people expect.




Powell County

With or without Whitaker, I don't see Powell winning this one, especially since it's played at home.


at Middlesboro

Middlesboro lost alot this past season, but still has the line needed to push Cawood around in the trenches. Cawood's offense could give Middlesboro's defense some problems, but I don't see them winning if the game were to turn into a shootout. Middlesboro should run away with this one late.


at Estill County

Estill can be dangerous at times. I see this one as a toss up again and could go either way, but I'll give the nod to the Trojans.



Cumberland should be pretty solid this year, and much more athletic than the Trojans. This being said, I think that Cawood's physical play could give Cumberland some problems. I'll pick Cawood in this one, in a win that may surprise some county spectators.



If Cawood can control the game offensively in this one, it could get interesting. But, assuming that Cole is playing in this game, Somerset will have way too much firepower for the Trojans to handle.


I see Cawood finishing 5-5 this season, with a chance to advance to the second round of the playoffs.

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Fleming was rated ahead of Cawood last year and Estill wasn't far behind. Powell now has Mike Whitaker as coach, so they are also dangerous.


Are you implying I should keep my predictions to myself? I'm kidding. I'm anxious to see your predictions. I guess I'll have to wait until mid-August, though.

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Fleming can play football for those that don't know much about them. I don't know where they were rated last year but they could play with anyone around these parts. They are a spread off. that will run some old true double-wing and Middlesboro's pressure D. I watched them last year and they ain't BAD!

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I didn't get the number of people who were present at the meeting but i did hear a rumor that some long standing "old time" Cawood supporters came out and basically wanted to know what Coach Perry needed and said it would be taken care of. Also, i was told they had 56 in the weightroom today. If either of this is true seems like football is about to get exciting at Cawood.

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