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Russell 19 Boone County 6

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I happened to be there.  I did not know what to expect since my son played his last high school football three seasons ago.  I only know a few of the boys on Boone's current team.  I was at the game because they were dedicating the turf field and had invited past players to come down on the field and participate in the festivities.  I was there to watch.  My expectation was that Russell would pretty much do what they wanted.  

However, Boone didn't seem to know that.  They jumped out on top and then played pretty well.  Two Boone Tds were called back in the first half and the points wiped off the board.  Both plays were long passes where the receiver was wiiide open.  That was the difference in the game.  I really think Boone should have won this game.  

I heard several comments of "same old Boone."  I don't think so.  It "felt" different to me.  The difference was in the skill positions.  They have several ways to score.  They haven't had this for some time.  The Boone teams I watched during the years I was personally invested really only had one way to score... pound the ball down the opponents throat.  This Boone team can score in a hurry from any where on the field.  I don't know if they will be able to do this throughout the season against their scheduled opponents, but they have the potential and the opposing defenses will have to account for this fact in ways they did not have to in the past.  


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