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Ashland 77 Bardstown 62

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Strong road win for Ashland. Colin Porter looked good, scoring 23 with a handful each of rebounds and assists. He made 3s and free throws, and penetrated to set up teammates. Very, very good player.

It's worth noting that Bardstown appeared to be without its best player, Javon Smith. 


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28 minutes ago, The Professor said:

Ashland played solid basketball tonight after a slow start. I watched it on a Bardstown streaming service .Porter is fun to watch. Very gifted young guard. 

I too watched the game on the Bardstown streaming service. Looks like Ashland had a good shooting night. Unofficially,  I had them 28 of 42 from the field for 66.7%, 10 for 17 from three point range for 58.8% and 10 for 13 from the free throw line for 76.9%.

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