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Quinn probably does simply because he plays for ND. They always get everything handed to them. All they have to do is have an average season and the media just eats it up.


Troy Smith

2006 Season Stats:

Passing: 2,507 YDS | 30 TD

Rushing: 230 YDS | 1 TD

5 INT | 67.0 CMP%


Brady Quinn

2006 Season Stats:

Passing: 3,278 YDS | 35 TD

Rushing: 65 YDS | 2 TD

5 INT | 63.4 CMP%


Yeah these stats by Quinn are just average, and it would just be handing him the trophy even though he didn't do much...But wait almost every area Quinn had better numbers than Smith, but Quinn is just average...:rolleyes:


If you go by the numbers Quinn would get it, but Smith is going to get it for his performances against Texas and UM, and he deserves to get it over Quinn because of those performances...

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