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Hensley Rating System for State Semifinals


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Ladies & gentlemen, it's that time of year again where I break out my Hensley Rating System.


You may be asking yourself...what is the Hensley Rating Sysytem? Well the answer to this question is VERY simple. It's the AVERAGE power rating for a school using the Lex. Herald-Leader's Cantral Ratings and the Lou. Courier-Journal's Litkenhous Ratings.


When I apply this to each game, I simple subtract the highest average power rating by the lowest of the two AND I give each HOME TEAM 6 points for home field advantage.


If you think about it, it's really simple.


Now ladies & gentlemen, remember that this isn't exactly how I necessarily think that these games will go, but this is how my system thinks they will go.


So with that out of the way, here is how I think the games should go according to the Hensley Rating System:




Mayfield 78.05

@Danville 88.25


(The difference is 10.2 and giving DHS the 6 points for HFA, Danville will win this game by 16.2 points)


NewCath 86.95

@Somerset 73.95


(The difference is 13.0 and giving SHS the 6 points for HFA, NewCath will win this game by 7.0 points)




Owensboro Catholic 72.75

@Mercer County 96.2


(The difference is 23.45 and giving MCHS the 6 points for HFA, Mercer County will win this game by 29.45 points)


Russell 77.85

@Belfry 78.20


(The difference is 0.35 and giving BHS the 6 points for HFA, Belfry will win this game by 6.35 points)




Bowling Green 100.9

@Louisville Central 91.0


(The difference is 9.9 and giving LCHS the 6 points for HFA, Bowling Green will win this game by 3.9 points)


CovCath 108.8

@Johnson Central 94.9


(The difference is 13.9 and giving JCHS the 6 points for HFA, CovCath will win this game by 7.9 points)




Henderson County 94.25

@Larry A. Ryle 97.05


(The difference is 2.8 and giving LARHS the 6 points for HFA, Larry A. Ryle will win this game by 8.8 points)


Louisville Trinity 109.85

@Henry Clay 102.95


(The difference is 6.9 and giving HCHS the 6 points for HFA, Louisville Trinity will win this game by 0.9 points)




Now when you see these numbers and compare them to last week's you'll notice that they're the same. The reason why I used last week's numbers is because the Louisville Courier Journal never released the LitRatings on the internet. So instead of using last week's LitRating and this week's Cantrall Ratings, I decided to use both ratings from last week.

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