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Jeff Ruby “Steaks”


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I have been going to Turfway Park since the Jim Beam Stakes in the 1980’s. Back in the day, it was an EVENT. Crowded as heck and so much fun. I have watched it disintegrate over the years into virtually nothing. We went from paying good prices for good seats to walking in because NOBODY paid for the seats they sat in.


I am a frequent player in The Homestretch (ground floor restaurant in the glassed in room). This year my gambling friends and I decided on “gambling” on paying $75 for good seats with a buffet featuring “Jeff Ruby recipes” in the Homestretch,


Can’t tell you how AWFUL it was. We never once expected Jeff Ruby Steaks, but the only thing Ruby about it was possibly a light dusting of his steak spice on what can only be described as beef jerky. The rest was dried out Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, no gravy. They forgot to take the salad out till later


Normally we go and eat wings and chicken fingers. THAT would have been better than what we had.


Miss the old days, but PLEASE, if someone is willing to pay extra, there should be something worth $75.


Next year we will make our bets and eat very well watching from home. You can cook out very well for $75 per person.

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