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Monday Night Raw - February 25th

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Tonight's show has the potential to be interesting, with WWE announcing the return of Roman Reigns to give an update on his health. I am going to presume that this will be good news, or else they wouldn't bring him back. I certainly hope it's good news. Regardless, Vince McMahon will finally get what he has long desired, which is Reigns being applauded by the fans.


Additionally, there is a 70th birthday celebration planned for Ric Flair. I certainly expect Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair to have some sort of confrontation in this.


Show is in Atlanta, so hopefully the crowd will be pretty lively as opposed to last week's show in Lafayette, Louisiana where the crowd was corpse-like.

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Rousey tells Steph to reinstate Becky Lynch and make it a triple threat match at WrestleMania, Steph refuses, Rousey says that Vince has to make tough decisions that he needs to make the right decision and lays the belt at Steph's feet and walks out.


Triple H is seen back stage with Steph talking about it and walking down one of the hall ways.

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