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Golden Knights 2 Jets 1 (NHL)

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Vegas wins the Western Conference and advances to the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. They're the first expansion team to do it since the 1968 St. Louis Blues. They entered the regular season with 500-1 odds of winning the Stanley Cup. Now it's a real possibility.

Marc-Andre Fleury was once again incredible as the goalie made 31 saves. Tuch and Reaves scored for the Golden Knights and Morrissey scored for the Jets.

Regardless if they play the Lightning or the Capitals in the Final, I'd think they'd have to be the favorite the way they're playing.

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I've followed the the Golden Knights this year and I'm not a big hockey fan. What a great story. Any first year team making the finals in a pro sport is terrific.


Two questions for you NHL fans:


1. What other team/s rose to prominence so quickly? I ask because all six of the expansion teams in the '67-'68 season were in one division, opposite of the "original six." This Vegas team seems to trump the Blues of that season.


2. In your opinion, what are the reasons for the success of LV this season: Fleury, drafting/front office, others ...?


Help make me a fan of a team again. I haven't been one since the Cincinnati Swords and Stingers days and couldn't get excited about the Flames or Thrashers from their time in Atlanta.

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