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NFL Elimination Game, Week 4

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Well, this week was more like it -- a lot of action, and a couple near misses (Bengals and Texans) away from being over. Also, as much as I enjoyed the banter at the bottom of Week 3's thread, please keep these threads for team picks only -- but feel free to start another one each week when there is a great topic to dig into. Also, for the 2nd straight week, and only the 2nd time ever, we had someone not make a selection, so @PutMeInCoach will have to watch the rest of this contest unfold.


However, we still have a healthy group of players in the game as we head into Week #4, so without further ado, here are this week's eligible players (and remember, it is on you to make sure you don't duplicate a selection, but if you do take someone you've already used, it is just like picking incorrectly -- or not picking at all):

@mcpapa @Footballforever74 @UKMustangFan @Bengal Maniac @nkypete @rjs4470 @se7ens @B-Ball-fan @MJAlltheWay24 @PP1 @Randy Parker @Can'tcoach @Bobby Axelrod @brown4 @Big Slick @Habib @tommyjohn8400 @Jumper_Dad @sweet16 @Ernie Pantusso @EQUUS GREVYI


Good luck to the 21 of you!!

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