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Texas A&M 63 Georgia 62


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A&M made a comeback similar to their one in last seasons ncaa tourney in coming back from 13 down w/ around 5, 6 min or so left to beat UGA 63-62.

Controversial ending with a UGA player fouled in the act of shooting with 5 sec. left. That's where the "fun" started. The clock was stuck on 5.6 seconds during the UGA possession and after a review, the officials ruled the game was over before the foul. Therefore no shot, foul or FT's. Game over. I don't want to say that A&M had a "friendly" clock operator but it did look suspicious.

I watched a clip of the M. Fox post game presser and I could tell he thought they "caused" the "clock malfunction" but typical M. Fox, I thought he handled it with class. What do bgp'rs think ?.....


Controversy reigns in Texas A&M's win over Georgia - ESPN Video

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I get that during real time the 5.6 seconds ran out. However you think a player on the court is thinking in that situation oh man the clock stopped I need to count 5.6 seconds in my head. Georgia got hosed bad on that. If the clock was moving then the Georgia player probably shoots the ball before the clock runs out. They should have gotten the 5.6 seconds put in the clock.

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