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Belfry 55 Pikeville 13


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Pikeville moved the ball some and had a rare TD against the Belfry 1's


Belfry though, shewwwweeeee.... those boys run that option offense well.


Pirates run a track meet full of sprints all night and I will be curious to see the stats. Know Catron was flirting with 175+ yards on something like 5 or 6 carries. Pirates were basically averaging 20 yards per carry at one point.


Now on to next week and quiet possibly the best team from the Volunteer State. These next two games will let us know what Belfry really has.

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Corbett 1/1 passing, 52 yards passing, TD 5 rushes, 50 yards, TD

Wellman 1 carry, 80 yards, TD

Ben Bentley 2 carries, 75 yards, TD

Catron 5 carries, 211 yards, 2 TD

22 carries, 498 yards

23 plays, 550 Total Yards :eek:



Battaile 9/18, 67 passing yards, 27 yards rushing, TD

29 total rushes, 139 yards

202 yards total

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