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Ohio Moves towards Football D1 Super Class

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OHSAA Board Approves Changes in Tournament Division Assignments

Beginning in the 2007-08 School Year


At its June 8 meeting, the OHSAA Board of Control approved a proposal that will change how schools are assigned to the various divisions for OHSAA tournaments, effective with the 2007-08 school year.


In the past, OHSAA Sports Regulation 13.3 said that each division to which schools are assigned for OHSAA tournaments shall have “as equal number of teams as possible.” The new regulation will leave a smaller number of schools assigned to Division I but should create more fairness for the membership

since schools will be assigned to divisions that have more similar enrollments.


The recommendation for change was made by the OHSAA Blue Ribbon Subcommittee on Recruiting/Boundaried vs. Non-Boundaried Schools, which was comprised of OHSAA staff and district athletic board members along with superintendents, principals and athletic administrators from across

the state.


Here is how the new formula will work:


In football, Division I will be comprised of the top 10 percent of schools participating in the football tournaments each biennium. The bottom two percent of the remaining schools will be taken out of the count. The remaining number will be divided equally between the bottom five divisions,

with the two percent previously taken out being added back to Division VI.

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“The modification in the way schools will be assigned to divisions is an attempt create a fairer way to conduct our tournaments,” OHSAA Commissioner Dan Ross said.


“When you are in Division I and are competing against schools that have eight or nine hundred more students than you, you certainly want to looks for ways to make the tournaments more equitable. I commend the subcommittee for developing this proposal, and I know our Board of Control is anxious to see how this works out.”

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Sounds like a great idea. Hopefully KY will follow suit.

I will be interested to see how it affects Ohio next year. Big name schools that would have qualified for Division II status after the 2005 season would have been:


Cincinnati LaSalle (GCL member with Elder, St. Xavier and Moeller)

Columbus Brookhaven (2004 Division II State Champion before moving up to Divsion I in 2005)

Massilion Washington (2005 Division I state runner-up to Cincy St. Xavier)


There are others but these are some of the more prominent names. I would be curious what 4A schools would drop down a level to compete at a 3A level and if it would make a difference.


Apparantly not after reading the Dixie vs. Highlands thread....:eek:



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