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Sam DuBose Shooting Video - STABILIZED

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This video puts the "dragging" claims to rest.


You'll see where Officer Tensing reaches in with his left arm and pushes Mr. DuBose back against his drivers seat while DuBose flails his arms around in an effort to get the car turned on and into gear. Then, while keeping his hand pushed against the center of Dubose's chest, Officer Tensing takes his sidearm with his right hand, reaches it slightly into the drivers window, and shoots DuBose in the head. Dubose's dead body then falls back limp.


At no time is there any more of Officer Tensing's body than his left arm and his right hand/wrist. At not time is DuBose holding any of Officer Tensing's body in the car. The car may have started rolling forward with Tensing walking/running/stumbling along beside it, but there is no dragging of Officer Tensing.



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