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  1. You guys can marginalize it all you want but a coach should never drop an f-bomb loud enough in a game for the spectators to hear. Absolutely unacceptable! If he isn't disciplined enough to refrain from doing so, how can he ever be angry at one of his players for not being disciplined enough to do what they are coached?
  2. I was wondering if there was a whistle blown. You couldn't hear the whistles watching the online broadcast but no one reacted to # 24 picking up the fumble which lead me to believe there was a whistle blown. Maybe the confusion from the Ref's were determining fumble or not. # 24 for NCC knee was down when he picked up the fumble. I know as unpopular as it may be to some, from what I watched the Refs got it right. Still scratching my head on why HC would even run a play there. Just take a knee!
  3. After watching the replay it looked to me that # 24 for NCC's knee was down when he picked up the fumble. I think the Refs got it right. If you are HC, why in the heck don't you just take a knee there?
  4. Strong list but I would take Crawford out and put Ben Weyer in. I think he's talked about 2-1 over Crawford on here.
  5. Will there be a webcast of this game? I was going to make the game but I can't find anyone who wants to make the trip with me.
  6. I prefer parity when teams are good. This is not the best year ever in the 10th Region.
  7. If this is true, this is the weakest I have seen the 10th in years.
  8. A little wishful thinking on your part? You may want to look at who they are losing to before you make a comment like this. Lost to the best team in the 9th Region, perhaps the best team in the 10th Region, the best team in the 11th Region and 2 other very good teams. Scott has played one of the toughest schedules thus far of any team in the 10th and you say "The wheels may have fallen off for Scott". The Eagles gets criticized for beating "weak" teams on their football schedule and then get blasted for losing to very good teams on their basketball schedule. Some of you guys are to much!
  9. Scott plays the way they do because they have to. Its actually a great strategy by Carr and his staff. Scott pretty much plays 12 guards and 1 forward. Their tallest player is about 6'2" and everyone else 6' and under. They are going to press and try to run you to death. They cannot match up with anyone in a halfcourt set. They will be outmanned in the paint and outrebound against every team they play. What Coach Carr and this Eagle team is doing is pretty impressive. Every team they have played thus far has had better athletes and more height yet Scott is sitting at 3-1. Some of you may actually want to get out and watch a game instead of sitting behind a keyboard and ripping them any chance you can. Now about this game. Holy Cross seems to have Scotts number every year. Just one of those teams that Scott struggles against. But a new year brings new hope. I don't know who will win but it should be an entertaining battle.
  10. This is a very nice list of players but I'll take Deondre Pleasant (Scott) over any of them. The young man was injury plagued this year and was grossly misused on the offensive side of the ball but that doesn't take anything away from his skill set. He averaged over 10 yards per carry and 1 TD every 5 times he carried the ball.
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