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Fantasy Football Survivor League - 2014


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Fantasy Football Survivor League


The Fantasy Football Survivor League is back for another round. We had fun with it last two years and this year should be a lot better.



  • This will be a best ball survivor league.
  • We will each draft a 18 man team using the automated feature of MFL to make this flow quicker.
  • You don't submit starting lineups - instead, the system automatically chooses your best starters for you each week of the season after the games are completed.
  • You don't trade or do waiver moves - instead, the team you draft is the team you have all season long.
  • You don't have head-to-head matchups or playoffs
  • Each week the team with the low score is dropped and the winner is the last man standing after Week 15
  • We will use the standard BGP League scoring.
  • Starting lineup will be QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, PK, and DEF
  • Draft order will be determined by the random selecting feature of the MFL software and then each successive round of the draft is the opposite order of the prior round (an "S" or "serpentine" draft).



We have one opening, If you want in let me know. I'd like to get this rolling before long.


With everyone using the MFL feature we can get this draft done in two or three days.

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Cmon guys you all really let Big Slick win it! If spot is available I would like to be the one to Dethrone him


I did not let him win. He beat me on a 6 FG with the last being a 63 harder by Tucker of the Ravens. That is just another reason I hate the Ravens!

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