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  1. What would we have this coach do? Make up lies, acuse someone else? This is the first step to a resolution. Yes, I know, that a child died and that can not be undone. His honesty could eventually help him get a more lenient punishment (if one is given). His honesty, no matter how poor the decision to withhold water is, may help the parents move on a little quicker, rather than pursue a long drawn out battle.
  2. Tonight has been absolutely aweful. I must say that I honestly did not like anyone singing tonight. The first two rounds were much, much better. First two rounds :dancingpa tonight :puke:
  3. I thought that Locke moved BGP island when he turned the wheel and we are all struggling with gettign back.
  4. Not sure of the title, but: "Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?" Clapton
  5. Back up your library on a flashdrive whenever you download more songs. If you ever have trouble with your computer, you may lose your library. It should come back next time you synch, but you can never be too safe.
  6. Different era, different types of players, different expectations as far as players staying for a couple of years. I dont think it is fair to compare the two. BCG is doing just fine.
  7. Band: Cayley Graph Album: Happily ever after on a day-to-day basis" Love the title!!! Album Cover
  8. I had the exact same experience at the BB in cold Spring (sans the cashier wanting to pay for them, that was stupid). Anyway, I had talked at mananger by phone before I turned the movie in. He had said that since they were not holding a current credit card # they could not charge the card, only hold an amount for the movie purchase. That if I returned the movie, even after the 20 days, I would not be charged. I dropped the movie off in the drop box thinking that it would be taken care of. After two weeks, I returned to rent another movie. They said I owed the money to purchase the returned movie. I told them, I returned it, they already have it. She checked a drawer and there it was with a return ticket taped to it. You still have to pay for it, and I will give it to you she said. "Whoa". I left. Another two weeks later, I went back to talk to a manager to clear this up. This time, the manager could not find the movie at all. She looked everywhere. Finally, she said, it must have been put back in circulation, I will credit your account. I wouldnt leave until she printed a reciept that showed a "0" balance. All is good. :clap:
  9. I used to go to Camp Washington Chili. But that was a few years ago. Is it still open?
  10. I have watched Bellevue play on occassion. So I will offer my opinion, FTIW... 1. Coach Sorrell is doing a good job. He is replacing a very successful coach with a lot of experience in Bev Smith. Obviously, being new to the varsity head coach position, he is developing as well as the girls. 2. As "Dude" said, talent is cyclical. Overall, the upperclass is not as talented as it has been in recent years. The talent at Bellevue lies in the Soph and Jr. classes. I would bet that they will drastically better next year. 3. Bellevue basketball is typically a place that attracts young coaches and assistants who develop and move on. I do not see many experienced, successful coaches beating a path to coach at Bellevue. So, I am curious as to why someone would blame the administration? If you know it, say it! JMHO
  11. 4,075 Kim Mulkey (Hammond, LA), 1977-80 WOW! this was before the three point line!:notworthy:
  12. How about when a BGP member misses the mark with a post? Can we say "Air Post, Air Post..."
  13. I loved him at Miami, thought he would be a decent pro. However, since he joined the Steelers, I have no choice but to hate him.
  14. Christian Laettner vs. KY, anyone remember that one?
  15. ^^^This perhaps is what happened to Sayid and Hurley when they relived the attack at the hotel twice.
  16. ^^^Then the case is that we live in a circle of time and will constantly relive the same moments. Much like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day
  17. Why cant they change the past? When the group on the island went way back in time, and were confronted by the uniformed Dharma guys, Locke kills one (or was it two of them). This would change the future of these people.
  18. I also like Sara Ramirez who plays Callie Torres on Greys Anatomy. With her being a plus size actress, she is less likely than the other females on the show to be a sex symbol, but I would let her examine me anytime!!!
  19. To me, Giada's head is too big for her body. Maybe I am just wierd, but she looks out of porportion.
  20. I nominate Rachel Ray. Not only is she attractive (not in a sex symbol way)and rich, but she can cook too. Not foo-foo french cooking, but big sandwiches and fried stuff.
  21. They wear ribbons for breast cancer awareness, dont they? How bout wearing a ribbon or a button about drug abuse? It could be that simple. They dont need to do anything about Mickey Rourke. The last I checked his abuses hasn't killed him yet (although he is a mess). Perhaps, his appearance speaks for itself.
  22. Agreed. he was great as the Joker!:thumb:
  23. You dont see a problem with addiction to pain killers or to obtain these pills illegally? What about alcohol or other drugs? This kind of laissez faire attitude is what I am afraid of. What I am saying that while he is being praised (and rightfully so) for his work, his tragedy can be used for good.
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