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  1. Yes well that is what happens when superintendents try to run athletic coaches choices....notice the last few head coaches all have one certain connection.........:puke: Bellevue needs to get a coach who wants to put time and effort into the program. They had one but the last two well......you see the results.
  2. I was assuming it was a district game. Interested to hear an answer as very true. Why play it if it is not.
  3. Very true. NOt a very good team and really struggling right now. The Black and gold Tigers need a win in the worst way.
  4. As usual I am sure this will spark debate on running up the score. Honestly you can keep from scoring 100. 5 passes before a shot, delay and working on your offense and not allowing a shot until you can run your offense for 30 seconds, lots of stuff that does not make you quit playing.........This is not good.
  5. Beechwood is a great team this year....Any stats for the Tigers (both)?
  6. Well unless you are in practice everyday (that making you a coach:lol:) then I am just stating what I have been directly told........... I appreciate the info on the team how is the jv doing this year?
  7. I have asked several around the program and not much of that going on either according to them:p
  8. And no one except thedudeabides (barely) has addressed the talent point I asked........is there talent coming? Is in in its down cycle for awhile? I would be more interested in the answers to that.......
  9. Well it will be interesting how all this plays out.............People do have to start somewhere good coaches and bad coaches alike. Just making observations about not doing much of anything to help the cause on the bench. I respect all opinions whether they agree with mine or not. And the assistant is new to coaching not just to the program and my point was getting Coach Sorrell a more experienced coach would have helped in on the bench.
  10. All I would like to do is get back to the topic of if this team is going to make any strides before the year is over.....does a young head coach need good quality assistants to help him grow as a coach.
  11. Yes and my previous statement was exactly the same as my last one. Um.....and I would call myself very informed when it comes to this issue. I cannot help that you defend Bellevue no matter what they do.
  12. Thedudeabides all I did was ask a question about the program and my limited observations. I asked for opinions. I assumed that was ok to do? Truth be told he has no help on that bench and the team is underachieving terrribly. He has talent and I was trying to see if others felt the way I did without being too critical. Not sure how you do your math but if you go to the KHSAA website Bellevue has beaten 3 teams twice Newport Silver Grove and Beechwood. Now unless they are not posting scores I stand by the statement that they have beaten 3 teams this year 2 times a piece.
  13. There are many hold backs in Northern Ky. also. Guys I hate to say this but it is true.
  14. Yes you are right they could have gone either way.........Bellevue is not showing much ability this year at all.
  15. In the 9th the toughest year in and year out is the Holmes Covcath Holy Cross district and with Beechwood turning it up this year makes 4 quality teams. If Holmes was its normal instead of being great this year what a great district tourney. Still should be some great games though.
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