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  1. Absolutely! Still doesn’t change that they ended up playing the best 15 seed in history. Meaning if was not as easy of a draw as it appeared to be. With that said, they still should have never lost to Saint Peters.
  2. Are you saying baseball coaches are legally allowed to go inside the foul lines during even a live ball play? If so that is the first I have heard of that. If not, then it is not much different than a basketball coach or football coach being right there moving up and down the side line just barely out of the field of play. Much like how a 1st and 3rd base coach are in foul territory/out of bounds area in a coaches box.
  3. Going into the tournament it was said they were a very good defensive team, but that they were not a good offensive team and struggle scoring the ball. So they obviously have figured it out on the offensive side, because their offense has executed very well in this tournament.
  4. Obviously not the best draw in years. Considering UK had to play what is obviously the best 15 seed in the history of the tournament lol. 😄
  5. Yep! I just mentioned that in my post too. All three games they switched to that matchup zone with about 3 minutes left and then just completely confuse and shut down the other team. Very impressive!
  6. I had them in the final four lol. They are the most talented team in the country. However, I was hoping they would lose right away and not even make it this far lol.
  7. They execute so well on offense. However, same on the defensive end. Murray State and Purdue are two of the best offenses in basketball and they completely shut both teams offenses down holding them both to 64 or less. I really like how in all three games they basically play hard in your face man to man defense all game. Then in all 3 games in the last 3 minutes they switch to that matchup zone defense, and have completely confused all three teams offenses at the end. So impressive.
  8. I would say injuries obviously hurt their chemistry. I know many people have talked about the offense, but the offense wasn’t that bad. It was the defense that all of a sudden struggled at the end of the year. Even with all that said, I think they were ready for the tournament and prepared. They simply ran into a team that was obviously seeded wrong and much better than expected. UK had them down 6 and had the ball with 3 minutes to go. They lost to a team that is putting one of the most surprising tournament runs of all time right now.
  9. What exactly is the riff between them? Has anything actually been said about this. Or is it just people coming up with their own opinions since Cal and him seemed to disagree on the sidelines a couple of times. Which isn’t exactly something new for coaches to bark at each other from time to time.
  10. I will say the majority of kids at any big time school don’t truly care much about a teams history. Shoot I would say majority of kids at any school could really care less about the history or expectations at their schools. This isn’t just a UK or Calipari thing.
  11. At this point I truly am rooting for Saint Peters. They are obviously much better than what they were seeded! They play great defense, execute on offense when it matters, and make free throws. They are very impressive!
  12. Well I don’t think he would ever leave Gonzaga to come to UK anyways. However, I guess we can cross Mark Few off the list of guys people would want. Still hasn’t won even one title after all these years, and been a top seed many times. This year has a college player of the year candidate, and another player that will be a top 5 pick in the draft. Yet his team fell short in the sweet 16. Obviously he wouldn’t be a good coach to fit UK standards with his failures. Great job by Arkansas and their defense slowing down that offense.
  13. True! Which only one coach in UK history has won more than one title while coaching at UK. So Cal is tied for 2nd in UK history in titles won. Tied for second in NCAA final appearances, and in second alone for final four appearances. Cal doesn’t seem to have done as bad of a job at UK as some seem to say. With that said he now needs to right the ship fast, or else let someone else take over the ship!
  14. Once again you really may want to listen to the show before you complain. He honestly was asked many of the questions fans would have asked and have complained about. Which you would love that he was also asked about the not calling a timeout at the end of games. As someone else suggested you maybe should have listened to have an idea on what actually was asked before you complained. Leach actually did a good job bringing up complaints and questions that fans have had about the offense, timeouts, the Sharpe situation, why didn’t he play certain guys more in the tournament game such as Toppin. So many of the questions you probably wanted fans to ask were actually asked. What other questions would you have liked to seen him have to answer? He may have even answered a question that you had too.
  15. Agreed, because I think the Bengals will see nothing but two safeties deep now. Since Chase kept proving how dumb it was not to double him and keep a safety deep over time of him. Teams kept testing it out last year, since Chase was a rookie. I don’t think teams will ever really not keep a safety over top of him now. So the Bengals running game, and short passing game should open up more because of it. While the Chiefs, may now have defenses sitting more on routes since defenses won’t be as worried about being beat over the top. Mahomes may even get blitzed more, so will be interesting to see how he reacts to that.
  16. I think so many people forget how honestly great he was as a rookie. A rookie who took over a team that won 1 game in two years and he ended up winning them games and looking great. He didn’t have much around him that year and did great. Which they were more of a spread team that year, which fits him. Now the last few years he has had a lot of talent around him. However, he also has been under center much more which doesn’t fit his skill set the best. Which as you mentioned he still had a good year two years ago and even won a playoff game when his head coach wasn’t even able to be there. Then last year tried to play through an injury all year. So I do agree that I think he is better than a lot of people give him credit for. Which I don’t know how true it is, but I seen on twitter that the Steelers are a team that could be interested if he gets cut. I honestly hope that doesn’t happen, because I think that would be a good fit for him and the Steelers.
  17. It honestly will be interesting to see how Mahomes does with the change. Basically the whole time since Mahomes has been at QB, he has seen defenses that were always 2 safety high because of the fear of the deep ball to Hill. Which also then open things up for Kelce. So teams may be able to do different things on defense now that Mahomes hasn’t seen much of yet.
  18. Disagree on wide receivers such as him can be found as easily as you made it sound.
  19. They are correct. Need to add another veteran in the secondary and DL. Then look for a veteran like a Spain to compete for Carman for the left guard sport. Which I just looked up the up to date salary cap space. It looks like the Bengals have a little over 21 million left still. Some of that will be for rollover and draft picks. So should have between 10 to 12 million still to sign some more guys on probably one year type of deals.
  20. All reports suggest they are not done in free agency. Now don’t expect a huge big money signing. However, very good chance they possibly sign another veteran guard to compete for the LG spot with Jackson. Also same with getting a veteran on the DL and CB spot still.
  21. What teams in the NFL have better than just average backups behind their starting linebackers? The Bengals backup linebackers filled in very nicely when Wilson missed a couple games and then when Pratt missed a game.
  22. This final top 10 was before the district tournament play started wasn’t it?
  23. Wheeler, Wallace, Sharpe. I think those three will all start together. Or Wheeler, Sharpe, and Livingston. If Sharpe leaves, then I think it will be Wheeler, Wallace, and Livingston. So in both scenarios I don’t see Fredrick starting. I think Fredrick will obviously play, however I don’t see him getting huge minutes. Probably 10 to 15 minutes a game.
  24. The AFC adds another good QB to the conference. Just imagine now if Lawrence, Wilson with the Jets, and Mac Jones all take second year jumps in improvement. Almost every team in the AFC now has a good QB or at least a young QB that they are trying to make a franchise QB.
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