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  1. If that was the case he wouldn’t have kept trying to play him and find a place for him in the rotation like he kept doing at the beginning of the year. Plus if Cal didn’t really like him, or think much of him as a player. Then he would have had no problem with Louisville having him. He obviously liked him enough with how he kept trying to play him. Until it came pretty obvious the team besides for one game didn’t do well when he was in.
  2. This! People will complain that Cal should have played Hopkins more, and that is why he left. However, there was no one he should have been playing over this year. He is going to be a very good player IMO. I wish it was here at UK.
  3. Wasnt Hopkins signed to UK before Mintz decided to come back for another year, and before they got Grady? So I don’t believe that at all, that he wasn’t intending to to play him. In fact IMO Cal even tried to force play him earlier in the year, and made lineups that really struggled when he was in. When honestly he probably shouldn’t have been playing him. Yet Cal for awhile still was giving him chances. Then Cal eventually stopped because he was not bringing anything to the game, and honestly there was no one who was playing that he should have played him over.
  4. I agree I think he will be very good! When he does end up being a very good player, people will somehow blame Cal. Cal was right not to play him much. The only issue Cal has is players don’t want to wait their turn to play. Villanova this year had multiple key players on their roster this year that when they were freshman averaged 6 minutes a game just like Hopkins this year. The difference is those guys stayed, rather than leaving when they didn’t play much their freshman year.
  5. Have to love all the comments from UK fans about Hopkins leaving. People saying it is Cals fault for not playing him more. While at the same time would have complained if he played him more and they lost games, while he struggled. Which he did struggle the majority of the time he was in besides for one game. Then at the same time people also complain about TyTy leaving and they want more guys who aren’t one and done. Yet I feel like most fans wouldn’t care at all if a possible four year guy in Brooks leaves, or a four year guy in Ware leaves. I believe fans want it to be like it was between 96 and 98 when truly had the top talent and guys that stayed too. However, that is simply not really realistic today. If most of those guys on those rosters between 96 and 98 played in todays college basketball many of them would have left earlier than they did for the NBA, or possibly transferred instead of developing and waiting for their turn.
  6. You got my hopes up thinking the actual schedule was released lol. The teams and where the Bengals are playing in 2022 was known as soon as the 2021 regular season ended.
  7. Correct, I don’t know why I thinking Reddish went in top 5. He was the 10th pick. What’s crazy is if Cals two best teams that didn’t win a title in 2010 and 2015 had actually won the title those years. Cal would have had the same amount of titles as coach K. Since Duke ended up winning it both of those years instead. So 3 more wins in 2010 and 2 more wins in 2015 and Cal and K would have the same amount of titles. So just a couple of games difference makes someone the GOAT and someone a horrible coach apparently.
  8. Which is coming a couple of years after having 3 top 5 picks when they had Zion and didn’t even make a final four. Coach K for his career average a Championship every 9 years. Which is a absolutely amazing! To put things in perspective if Coach Cal were to win a title in the next 4 years. That would still put Cal right on the same average as the GOAT in terms of winning a title during his time at UK.
  9. I don’t like either team, but I dislike UNC a little more. Go Kansas!
  10. The Greatest coach of all time took his final timeout with 1:24 left in the game right after his team had just taken a one point lead. There is a few UK fans that would have thrown a fit if Cal had done the same. Coach K no doubt is the greatest coach ever IMO. If just goes to show there is no definite one right way to coach and make decisions. We have literally seen every possible way work before in winning and losing games. This was an absolutely great game! Big time plays and shots made by both teams. It was fun to watch! Now go Kansas!
  11. Little to soon to be saying that UNC coach is better than a Hall of Fame coach. With that said very impressive what he has done in his first year as the Head man at UNC.
  12. I would assume not since now that means Brady and Leftwhich now have complete control of the offense together.
  13. Didn’t Xavier win two games in the NIT even before Miller was ever hired? He may give a pointer here or there now while probably watching a few practices. However, I doubt he has been involved that much.
  14. A player that has done well and been a starter for a team in a major conference. I would say that would be a good reason to reach out to him. Louisville also reached out to Allen at UK and he didn’t even play. So out of Allen and McNeil, McNeil is much more proven and accomplished. Why would you apparently be so surprised if they reached out to him? If they reached out to Allen, then shouldn’t be a reach at all to think they could reach out to McNeil.
  15. Agreed that this probably will be Boyd’s last year as a Bengal. After this year they probably should look to try to trade him to at least get something for him while they can. Since there is probably no change he will get another contract here, because they just won’t have the money for it.
  16. I would like to see them sign Thomas, King, and Flowers out of this list. Flowers basically was used as a third safety type last year, when they brought him in to cover TEs.
  17. I would think if they truly like his potential as a WR, they would have already tried to work him in a little bit more than they have. Instead he isn’t even the first WR in if one of the top 3 need a break. He only seems to be in when it’s a running play. I think he can potentially do more, but I just don’t think the coaches view him as that type of player. Hence why I think we see them draft a WR, most likely with some speed in the 3rd or 4th round.
  18. See I honestly think Oscar by the end of the year was a get me the ball and get out of the way type player. Problem is he can’t pass the ball to himself, the guards have to get it in to him. Which they failed to do, much like how the Harrison’s failed to give Towns the ball the last few minutes of that Wisconsin game.
  19. I was wanting Villanova to win it. However, with his injury it is obviously going to be difficult. So at this point I hope Kansas wins it, if Nova doesn’t.
  20. Well going into the tournament Saint Peters was known as a great defensive team but struggled to score the basketball. Today along with good defense by UNC, we seen probably how Saint Peters offense looked during the year, which wasn’t good. Great run by Saint Peters. Now let’s root for Villanova to win it all!
  21. My bad for presenting more facts to the situation. Coach K is the GOAT, and averaged a final four basically every four years in his career. Which like it or not Calipari is not to far behind in averaging a final four every 5 years in his career. So just putting into context, how the guy you say is a bad coach. Isn’t to far off when looking at stats when compared to the GOAT. Which I admit Calipari will never be the GOAT, however this also shows he isn’t as bad as you always like to say, and that his way of coaching has won at a high clip throughout his career.
  22. Well looks like I was the one who was correct, and your sources proved you to be incorrect lol. Which I will say I wish you and your sources were correct, because that would mean he definitely would be here next year. Instead of now waiting to see what he decides.
  23. Coach K is definitely the GOAT, that is one thing we can agree on. He has been a college head coach for 47 and has 13 final fours. Which on average means averaged a final four once every 3.61 years, which rounded up equals once every four years, which is remarkable. To put things in perspective another coach who you think is not good. Has been a college head coach for 30 years and has 6 final fours. Meaning on average this coach you think that is not good averages a final four once every 5 years. Which like it or not is also remarkable.
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