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  1. What other potential wing players should he surpass in your opinion?
  2. Yeah coaches definitely don’t make much at all in Kentucky, when you calculate the amount of hours they put in.
  3. He may have been their first choice all along in terms of just the coaching aspect of things. They just weren’t willing at that time to financially do the things they would have to do to get him at that moment. So they went with someone else who made more sense in the money department, then after that quick divorce with the guy they did go for. It probably forced their hand to make them more willing to do anything to go get Sphire, and sell their soul as someone said to make sure they got him.
  4. I was at the game and didn’t feel like the strike zone was any bigger than normal. In fact it seemed like there was more pitches that was called ball that was questioned that looked like they should have been strikes, than the other way around. It honestly was just a very well pitched game from both teams, with good defense. Berger in the last inning was literally a foot away from tying it up, but the Russell County Left Fielder made a great play reaching up right at the fence to make the catch. If Beechwood was going to lose, i definitely didn’t think it would be because of them getting shut out. The Russell County pitcher did a great job mixing up his pitches and locating keeping the Beechwood batters off balance.
  5. I’m all ears. What makes him signing at UK interesting?
  6. What’s really interesting about it? Just a normal walk on that won’t ever see the court here at UK. IMO he most likely will stay two years here at UK as a walk on, and will get to train and practice against top D1 guys. Then after two years most likely tries to transfer to NKU to play for his dad.
  7. He came in and did great his first inning retiring the number 2,3, and 4 batters for Beechwood. Control seemed to be an issue in his second inning of work though.
  8. IMO you use him the very first game and go from there. The last thing you want to do is not use your best pitcher, and end up losing while never even getting to use your best pitcher. The only game you should be worried about now, is the next game. Can’t really worry about any games after that, because those games don’t matter if you lose before then.
  9. I know I mentioned before, however I just really like their chances to win it all this year.
  10. Blake Clary was a long time assistant under previous coach Aaron Stamm. Blake was with Stamm at both Ludlow and Conner. Blake is also a graduate of Ludlow High School. Congrats to Blake on being the new head coach.
  11. More difficult yes, but I still like their chances to win the 9th. I honestly like their chances to win the whole thing this year.
  12. Well some district champ isn’t going to be happy now when they draw Beechwood in the first round of the region.
  13. So they are getting revenge on themselves for having the worst era of HHS football in forever?
  14. Revenge tour? What exactly are they getting revenge on?
  15. Oh I know. That’s why I said after this year if they have another really good season, that they should possibly consider beefing it up some. It will be interesting to see if they are able to continue their winning ways again this year.
  16. My fault. I thought it was pretty clear I had a typo there and should have said that year in that post and not this year. Since the post I quoted was talking about the 2018 UK/Duke game, and that paragraph I also was referenced that 2018 game and how UK actually got better that year after that game. Which just like Duke, UK made it to the elite 8 just like Duke that year. Which went with the discussion of until this season, UK and Duke literally were at the same level basically in terms of success since 2015. Duke obviously changed that this year.
  17. I would say what he is getting at is that we all should assume Brossart has bigger goals than just having a good regular season record. Which it is very impressive what Brossart is doing and working on building their program up. With that said they also play in arguably one of if not the weakest district in the state. So that doesn’t help get them ready at all for when they have to see someone outside of their district in the playoffs. Which is what happened last year when they ran into Raceland after getting out of their district. So the next step should be getting them possibly more prepared for the better competition they will see in the playoffs outside of their district. Which right now the current schedule may not be doing much to help prepare them for that. So if Brossart has another really good year this year like last year. Then it could be good to look at beefing up the schedule a little more to help better prepare them for the better playoff teams they would have to go through outside their district.
  18. So @Carl Spacklerand @nikeman49 laughed at this post. Do you all care to expand on which part of this post was not true? Or was funny?
  19. They are willing to pay him, but just not set the market type pay and not the guaranteed type pay apparently he wants. Which is smart of the Bengals, because at the end of the day they have a lot of good young players who will be up for extensions in the next year or two. They aren’t going to be able to keep all of them, and while I like Bates. He is not as high on the list on guys I want to see them keep.
  20. Unless the Bengals suffer many injuries including to Joe Burrow. Then there is no reason to think they would only be playing for pride in November. Even then their roster is good enough now to where they at least should be somewhat in contention even with injuries.
  21. This should be an attractive job for a good young head coach. Ludlow has been to the region tournament four straight years. Ludlow does lose one of the best players in the state and the best girl player in Ludlow history. However they do return 4 starters from last years regional team. A name to possibly look for if he is interested is Blake Clary. He is a Ludlow grad who has been a long time assistant under Aaron Stamm at Ludlow and Conner. I believe he also coached boys middle school basketball for a few years at a Kenton County School.
  22. Congrats to coach Stamm! He will continue to do a great job now for the boys basketball team.
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