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  1. If Sharpe stays, then Fredrick probably will end up a 10 to 15 minute guy at most who gets pulled quickly if his shot doesn’t go in right away or messes up on defense.
  2. Well considering that they are not thin at linebacker, that wouldn’t be to smart. DL, CB, and S are all spots they can use more depth before linebacker.
  3. I definitely think they will sign a DL. Corner apparently they have talked to Gilmore some. However, it still would be a surprise if they got him. I think they may look into cutting Wayne’s, and then bringing him back on a cheap one year deal.
  4. I am interested to see the offense they run too with Watson. Watson always seemed to be better off in the spread. Which Mayfield also most likely would be better off in a spread offense too. However, they didn’t allow Mayfield to do that really. Will they change to fit Watson skill set, since they didn’t really change to fit Mayfields? Or will they make Watson have to change to fit their offense?
  5. Well I’m hoping they still go out and sign another corner and DL. Which I think would allow them to go BPA, whatever position that may be. With that said the last two years they spent money on defense and used the draft for offense. This year they spent money more on offense, so I think we see them use the draft more for defense this year. Unless the center Tyler Linderbaum falls to them, or a top guard like a Zion Johnson falls to them. Then I expect to see them go defense with their first two picks being in the secondary and DL. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go WR in the third or 4th round. WR is still a quiet need, because after the top 3 it is a big drop off. Plus IMO they may move on from Tyler Boyd after this season. With Higgins and Burrow being up for extensions next year, they probably would need to cut or trade Boyd preferably after this year to save some money. So they need to find a young WR with speed hopefully that they can use for depth this year and then move into the top 3 rotation next year if they move on from Boyd. Which the WR they draft doesn’t necessarily have to be a pure slot guy to replace Boyd. It can be a guy with speed that plays on the outside. Which would allow them to move Chase around and use him in the slot more too, since they didn’t do that to much with Boyd being there. Being able to move Chase around just makes him that more dangerous and also harder to double.
  6. Would be awesome, but would have to give up way to much to move up to get him. I think he will be gone in the top 10.
  7. I hope you are right about Fredrick.
  8. It is simple. Much like how Pitino and Tubby spoiled the fan base from 95 to 99. With people thinking that’s how it always should be. Cal also spoiled the fan base with the run from 2010 to 2015. Getting fans thinking again that is how it always should be. Neither the 95 to 99 run or 2010 to 2015 run was sustainable. The biggest difference was Pitino left while still on the mountain top, so people didn’t get to see it wasn’t realistic for him to keep that rate up either. Just like it wasn’t realistic for Cal to keep winning at the same rate he did from 2010 to 2015. The tournament is dang hard to win. Those incredible runs from 95 to 99 and 2010 to 2015 should be looked at as just incredible runs that us fans were lucky to experience. Shouldn’t be looked at like that’s how it always should be, because it’s not realistic.
  9. I know Purdue is really good offensively. However, I believe I saw they are not a good defensive team though and rank in the 100s in regards to defense. So I think Saint Peters speed on the offensive side possibly could give them similar issues that UK had guarding them. Especially if they are hitting outside shots again. Saint Peters is such a scrappy team, that at this point with the confidence they have. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them continue to win.
  10. I know you were high on Purdue and didn’t like that matchup for UK. However, you don’t think Saint Peters can beat Texas, if Texas ends up knocking off Purdue?
  11. Well Saint Peters owns the state of Kentucky. At this point I’m rooting for them now.
  12. Agreed! Pearl, Donovan, and Steven’s would be my top 3 guys I would be calling and trying to get before anyone else.
  13. UK fans would hate his style of play, and unless he has a lot of success right away. People would go crazy watching how his teams play.
  14. See I don’t think another coach would recruit a different type of player. All these coaches America would recruit and try to get the exact type of guys UK has had under Cal. Just many of these coaches can’t get those type of guys at their current schools. No coach would come here and not try to get these exact type of players if they were able to get them since they are now at UK.
  15. The big question as always is who would you get to replace Cal. A lot of names people have mentioned have had the same type of things happen to them too with first round losses as a top seed. Chris Holtman at OSU just last year lost to a 15 seed. So he wouldn’t fit the standard people want. Tony Bennett lost to a 16 seed, and plays a honestly boring style of basketball that I think fans would hate. Tom Izzo is a great coach, but I think fans would get tired of him quick and his style. Would see similar complaints from people as when Tubby was here. Rick Pitino people would like, but expectations would be even crazier than they already are. With people probably expecting to be right back to 1996. Brad Steven’s would be a good hire, but who knows if he ever even wants to coach again. Especially when he has a good front office type of job right now. Billy Donovan honestly would fit a lot of the things fans want here as UK coach. I do think that could be a possibility, but he is doing pretty well now in the NBA. Bruce Pearl would be another that would fit great and has the personality for this job. However, would he leave Auburn to come to UK with it being in conference. Especially since he already now has Auburn as title contenders and wouldn’t have to worry about the pressure. Kenny Payne is no longer an option and won’t leave Louisville for UK. Scott Drew could be interesting, and maybe a possibility you could get him to leave what he has built at Baylor. Jay Wright I just don’t see leaving Nova, after winning two titles there already. I don’t think it is as easier as many seem to think to replace Cal. It truly takes a certain type of personality to be the coach at UK. I think it would be best for all parties for Cal to show he can get it done starting next year. However, if something like this happens again next year, then I I do agree you have to try to look elsewhere and would be best for both parties to move on.
  16. I don’t think you could fire him because how crazy the buyout may be. However, I could see both sides mutually agreeing to part ways after next season, if another bad season happens. Cal may have had it right originally when he said this was a 10 year max type of job with the crazy expectations. After 10 years the fans usually will turn on you and get tired of you. Hence, why many are still so fond of Pitino. He left basically on top and didn’t give fans a chance to turn on him if things slowed down, which they eventually would have slowed down because that success was not sustainable. Much like Cals success from 2010 to 2015 at that high right was not sustainable. Yet that is what fans expect. Which is why fans were wanting Cal gone even before these last two years, even though things weren’t bad at all at that point.
  17. The last two years have not been good at all. However, I would say the boosters didn’t have much problem with his act in March Madness as you say until the last two years. With that said the last two years has been very bad. So he definitely is going to need to make a run next year.
  18. Colts, Seahawks, maybe Giants, Philly, or Lions for QB competition.
  19. I actually agree with most of this except for about Sharpe. We seen last year how much those freshman struggle with not getting as much work in during the summer, and struggled to adapt to the college game. Sharpe didn’t join until half way through the year. After the team had practiced together all summer and already played a good amount of games together and even had the important tune up games everyone talked about that was missing last year. Not to mention in January and early February the team was playing great. So it is hard to then think about putting a freshman in with game experience and throwing him to the fire in conference play. If they play him and the team struggles still like they did to finish this year. People then say he messed up the rhythm of the team by putting him in, and probably call Cal selfish for putting him in and possibly hurting the players stock just to try to help himself. At the end of the day I think ultimately Sharpe was also ok with the decision not to play too. If he truly wanted to play and was all about trying to play this year, Cal probably would have let him. So I think people discount that Sharpe may truly have been fine with not playing.
  20. Wheeler should be back and hopefully Oscar. I really hope Toppin doesn’t leave. I think it would be best for Brooks and UK if Brooks transferred. I feel like Toppin has so much upside, but he needs to truly get a chance to play 30 minutes a game. I could see him being one of the best players in the nation if he gets to play 30 or more minutes a game. Collins decision is probably determined by if Oscar is back. If Oscar is back he probably leaves. I think Hopkins and Allen both leave. Ware could go either way but I think he stays. The big decision besides Oscar is Sharpe. Wheeler Wallace Sharpe Toppin Oscar Then with Fredricks, Ware, and the other incoming Freshman, and most likely a transfer or two.
  21. Wow, that was scary. I had a dream last night that UK lost to 15 seeded Saint Peters in the first round on the very first day of the tournament. Good thing that was just a dream, and I can still enjoy the rest of this tournament! Ugh it truly does feel like last night was just a dream, sadly it wasn’t.
  22. So as someone else said. If preseason stuff is what you will base your opinion on. Then basically he has never had a way to over achieve then while at UK? So that makes the question about if his teams ever over achieve mute, since he apparently would never have a chance for his teams to over achieve then if pre season rankings is what we use to judge that.
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