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  1. Same! I always says I definitely see why so many people hate UK, and it’s not because of other fans being jealous or anything like that. It is because of our fan base, for why so many people hate UK. Honestly that is the same reason why I hate OSU football. I don’t really hate OSU, it’s the fan base that makes me hate them lol.
  2. Good article. However, You probably won’t get many replies to this, since this goes against the narrative that some want to have on here.
  3. Which fans need to prepare. With the Bengals having a Super Bowl roster with good talent, you can’t afford to keep them all. So they are going to lose a few guys over the next few years. They obviously are going to have to pay Burrow after this year. Most likely will pay Higgins after this year too, and then Chase after the following year. You also have Logan Wilson who can be extended after this year. Jonah Williams had his 5th year option activated, but they will need to extend him eventually. They just can’t afford to keep everyone. Looks like Bates will be gone after this year, possibly Vonn Bell too. I also believe this may be the last year for a Mixon and Boyd too. Which while I love those 4 players, at least position wise those are positions that are not as hard to replace. Now their leadership is the thing that would hurt to lose though.
  4. I’m sure he isn’t happy. First with the franchise tag, and then with the Bengals seeming to prepare for life without him after this season. Which suggest a long term deal isn’t coming, at least not as high as Bates probably wants. With that said I have seen some suggest he may sit out unless he gets a long term deal. I see no way he actually goes through with that. One that would mean he would be losing out on 13 million dollars after this year. Two, his value isn’t going to go up by sitting this year out. He sits this year out, he probably only gets offered similar types of long term deals that the Bengals probably has already offered. He isn’t going to go set the market after sitting out a year. So while it may make it headlines for awhile this off season with him sitting out some. At the end of the day I think he will end up playing and probably there for mandatory stuff.
  5. In 2018 they drilled us to start the year. That UK team kept getting better though, while that Duke team honestly stayed about the same and even got a little worst. That Duke team which was one of the most talented teams ever put together still only made the elite 8, which was the same as UK this year. So until this past season, UK and Duke literally were basically doing exactly the same since 2015. Now obviously this past season Duke definitely did better with their final four appearance and our first round loss.
  6. Great analysis. Cam Taylor Britt is very versatile and could transition to any of the spots you mentioned. He been mostly an outside corner in college and expected to compete for the outside corner here with Eli Apple. The Bengals got a lot faster and more athletic on defense in this draft. I expect next year in the draft we see them do the same more on offense. As we will see the Bengals start preparing for the losses of Boyd and Mixon coming up possibly after this next season.
  7. Until this season. UK and Duke was basically at the same level in terms of basketball success since 2015. This was the first year since 2015 Duke had did anything better on the court than UK.
  8. I agree it it is perceived as a bad look. Especially at a time when some fans are looking for any and every reason to be mad at Cal. The reality of it is assistant coaches leaving for new schools is nothing new. The reason Duke had an opening to begin with, is because they lost an assistant coach who made a “lateral” move in the same conference as Duke to go to Louisville. Duke made a good hire to replace the assistant they lost to Louisville. Cal will now need to go out and make a good hire himself now.
  9. Was it a lateral move though? While yes he technically is still an assistant coach, assistant coaches are not all the same. Obviously coach O is the #1 assistant here, and I assume Chin #2. So he might be higher up the ladder as an assistant with Duke, and also probably better pay then too. So not really a lateral move, and more of a progression up the ladder for him in terms of where he ranks as an assistant on a staff.
  10. Since it is the Bengals, he would have said that no matter who the Bengals picked.
  11. Not a big fan of Wyatt. He is older and didn’t have the best production. Tested great though, but he is not one of the ones I want. Also out of the safeties prefer Hill, and Pitre more than Cine. A huge no thank you to Ojabo with the first round pick. Now if he is still there in the second round because of his injury, then yes absolutely. The other players you mentioned I would really like. I was also a little worried about Linderbaum being like Price. However, Linderbaum is simply a lot better than Price was in college, and his tape shows that. I think Linderbaum in this zone rushing offense would be a good fit now. Logan Hall and Kyler Gordon are two other ones I really like.
  12. You posted this 3 hours ago and no replies? I guess people mainly only respond if it was something negative about Cal. If this is true, sounds like Cal handled the situation perfectly. He protected the team and also protected the player.
  13. He is going to test the waters and for now keep his college eligibility. However, his testing the waters is just going to prove he is a top 10 pick. So yeah he is basically as good as gone as expected.
  14. So basically his first 14 years at Villanova, many UK fans probably would have been talking about how he simply can’t coach especially when it matters, and that someone else would be better. Then magically by year 15 he learned how to become a good coach after not being a good coach for his first 14 years.
  15. This is definitely a shock, congrats to him on a great career! Jay Wright obviously though must have heard that coach Cal plans on stepping down after the 2022-2023 season no matter how the season goes for UK. So Jay Wright just wants to take a year off to recharge the batteries, before jumping into the stressful pressure cooker job of being the UK basketball coach.
  16. To go back to why this thread was created and obviously how lot of people were asking why he wasn’t offered by bigger schools than a Miami. I guess now we see those bigger schools were probably right in whatever they saw or I guess didn’t see in him by not offering. This just goes to show no matter how great someone was in high school. It still doesn’t necessarily mean they are truly top college high level type good. Which for the record I am surprised to see that he hasn’t had more success in college. I also thought he was going to do great at Miami, because he looked so good in high school. It just shows again how hard it is to be successful in college no matter what school you end up at. I hope he goes out and does great at Arkansas State. However, no matter what happens he now would have received a free four year college education, which is always a great thing!
  17. So how many years of eligibility does he still have? Is it just two? Or is it three because of the free covid year players got?
  18. With having a new Varsity Head Coach. I guess the big question is if Dixie will be a true freshman team this year. Or if they once again will be more of a Froshmore type team like many of the previous years.
  19. My mind is fully on the Bengals and the draft. So I wouldn’t be of any help, since my heart isn’t in it right now lol.
  20. Only thing I read on ESPN was that he was walking on the side of the highway when he was hit. They didn’t mention the reason why he was walking on the highway.
  21. I just saw this news! Such sad news, especially with how young he was with his whole life ahead still. Prayers with him and his family!
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