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  1. The Junior class beat HHS as Freshman as well, in a similar one pt game. So, if the senior class did win, then it's 4 in a row. However, none of it matters if it ain't happenin' on Fridays (or maybe Saturdays). That's what they're all preparing for - this is just prologue.
  2. Touché! Actually, just sarcastic reaction to some talk in the prediction thread. It's Freshman ball. Yes, good for CCH to win, but sounds like two good young teams slugging it out. Bodes well for the future of the rivalry.
  3. So did the Colonels actually have something to do with the result this year, or was it bad play calling again by the Birds' coaches? Or maybe it was the weather, poor lighting, or questionable officiating?
  4. Powder puffs? Cupcakes? What's the difference? Are you really gonna knit pick that much? My rationale is not whack. They need to focus on more immediate goals, such as winning the district and region. I'm well aware of what the goal is ultimately. And yes, I know you don't have to win the district to win state. Sorry that I said cupcakes and powder puffs. Don't know what I was thinking.
  5. Cooper, SK, Campbell, McNick, Anderson, Badin, etc etc etc. In other words, plenty of challenging teams in the area to play. And no, I didn't check records - just off the top of my head programs that are either good today or have been good historically. Never once have I said cupcakes or powder puffs. Moreover, they need to beat Highlands before they worry about Bowling Green. You're perception is incorrect. But again, thanks for the lesson.
  6. New? You have no idea...thanks for the lesson though, dad. How do you know what they got out of this game?
  7. I hope they're done scheduling these hiney whoopins (I mean practice games) for a while.
  8. Glad that's over. Hopefully no one hurt and safe arrival home.
  9. Time for DeSales to hand the ball to Earl Campbell and get the heck outa the way.
  10. Great point! Like, who would have figured that over the last four head to head meetings, the lowly suckeyes would be 4-0 vs ND, winning all four by 13 points or more? Just goes to show you, even the mighty can fall... But, hard to imagine SK not coming away with a win.
  11. None of the above - RESOLVE is what they missed most today - overcome obstacles and kick the Steelers in the tail.
  12. Heck no - can't believe this is even a topic. Seriously? I mean, seriously?
  13. Trust me, I'm with you, but, Marv has got to throw the flag there. Unfortunately, the "hard hitting" local media will let it go. But even if they called him out on it, who cares? They still lost.
  14. Mitchell is an idiot. Some day, he may end his own career.
  15. Someone losing their job isn't enough. Hate to say it, but a W or L for a team in the NFL is worth far more than some stiff's job. Awful.
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