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  1. Bigs came to play and Muskies had 24 assists against 10 turnovers. Great ball game.
  2. Congrats to Coach Macke and the Holy Cross freshman team. The 35th District will be strong over the next several years.
  3. CCH is in a great spot, but I think dynasty talk is nuts. They will be in a dog fight (no pun intended) to get out of the district, let alone region. They have some great pieces, an awesome pipeline, and a man that can coach the leather off a basketball, but, there is solid high school talent elsewhere in NKY and tons of motivated kids and coaches that would love nothing better than to beat Cov Cath.
  4. Several sophs from last year's undefeated team didn't even come out this year. Probably good decisions all around, but, the intramural league is loaded, yet again.
  5. X needs to remind Nova that they aren't in Philly. I wouldn't mind a couple of early hard fouls. X by 5.
  6. I get it. Joe obviously had a role in producing content that has offended or embarrassed (or both) some folks. My guess is some of the Boone folks took it in stride and some didn't. Heck, for all I know, this has bothered you more than anyone, but that's just what I see on BGP - I don't do Twitter. Knowing him, it was not his intent. Unfortunately, intent wasn't conveyed, so we're left to speculate. He lives in a world where his mistakes (if in fact this was a mistake) are magnified - goes with the territory. I have seen him do a lot of good work, on BOTH sides of the river, and at schools that do not have the initials, CCH. He works extremely hard in a tough industry and does his best to cover our great high school sports environment in the area. Good for you for sharing your feedback to him. I know he listens. We all have room for improvement, provided we're open to criticism.
  7. We'll have to agree to disagree on CCH/St X - I was there too. It was a simple Bronx cheer - no words, no chants, just like last night. I had NO problem with what X did either and still don't. Regarding Joe, you're entitled to your opinion. Criticism goes with the job. He's a first class guy that probably made a mistake, but highly unlikely he had insidious intentions. I will defend him as vigorously as you criticize, because I have seen all the good he does.
  8. I'm not gonna debate whether the tweet should have been posted. I can understand the frustration there and can understand why it probably would have been best left off social media. But, two things are certain: 1. Joe is well aware of who he works for, and works darn hard at it, by the way. 2. You certainly took a jab at CCH in your frustration and absolutely insinuated that St X has more class than CCH. My contention is that EVERY student section in Greater Cincinnati would have reacted the same in that situation - just like CCH last night and just like St X did when CCH finally earned a first down after giving up 57 points. You can choose to disagree.
  9. St X students absolutely, positively mocked the CCH football team, on multiple occasions throughout the game. Had a great viewpoint from across the field. I had no problem with it either, because it was their student section doing the mocking. You know what the solution is? Score more points! No cryin here! Get over yourself.
  10. Has a boy/girl sweep happened before at All A or Sweet 16? If not, any close calls?
  11. Valid points on the lack of gym time for some of the football/soccer playing hoops players. On the bright side, it only takes 2-3 kids to turn things around and, HHS has a great coach. I have a strong feeling things will turn soon in Ft. Thomas. With that said, I am sure the existing team will continue to bust tail to get better and will give maximum effort for Coach L. Lot of hoops left for this year's team.
  12. Schreiver doesn't appear to be on 2016 roster. Transfer maybe?
  13. Ancient history, but SPX and Holy Trinity split two games in the 8th grade. HT beat SPX in the semis of the St Henry tourney in Nov. SPX returned the favor in the Diocesan Championship game in March. Fun games for sure.
  14. That and the fact that Burfict has a history of being a jack wagon - albeit a very talented jack wagon.
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