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  1. No question CCH dodged a couple bullets. BUT, so did LCHS. Good luck the rest of the way.
  2. Camels continuing a nice recent run by NKY teams in the state tournament. Good luck CC!
  3. Congratulations to Highlands. They played a big time schedule and it appears to be paying off. That, and great pitching...
  4. Xavier heads to Nashville for the second time in three years. Two Big East titles in three years in the league. I realize it's not elite baseball, but it's something to build on. Go X!
  5. Allen has committed to Alabama. I think, but not sure, that James is committed to Auburn.
  6. Will Allen of Dunbar won the 100, 200, 400 and anchored the 4x400 state championship team. Kasaun James of North Hardin played Alydar, finishing second in all three races. A young lady from, Taliyah Townsend, also swept the 100, 200 and 400. Does anyone know where she plans to run next year? I searched and could not find anything.
  7. High quality mid week game. Won't find many (if any) better non-conference, mid week match ups in the country this year. Maybe Florida v Florida State or Miami, or perhaps A&M vs one of the other TX schools, but that's about it - assuming these schools are playing each other mid week this year.
  8. Sounds like Bellevue has enough to give someone a hard time in the region tourney, provided they make it out of the 36th. We've seen traditional powers get scares and handed some losses over the years by some of the smaller schools with quality pitching. Any given day...good luck to Bellevue...
  9. If rain holds off, I believe Kyle Kelley gets the ball for CCH. Henschen can deal. If he's on the bump, the Colonels will have their hands full.
  10. CCH certainly has a chance to pull off the daily double again, but it's a crap shoot. CCH JV lost to NCC yesterday - 2nd time this year out of three losses. Weather permitting, they play Conner today, who handed CCH it's other JV loss. CCH has beaten both as well. Who knows. Who gets hot? Who gets healthy? Who gets called down from a higher level?
  11. Yes - did a little research. Looks like he's now at Hanover in some assistant coaching capacity.
  12. I was thinking of Jim Hautman.
  13. Got it. I think the D coordinator under Rodenberg was named "Jim" as well, but can't remember his last name. I believe he played college ball for ND. He may still be with Rodenberg at Moe. Either way, sorry to hear about Coach Koch.
  14. Was he on Rodenberg's staff at CCH?
  15. Yes on boys side. I'm new to track, so wasn't sure if there was also an overall (boys and girls) winner as well. Perhaps if there was, the boys margin would still be insurmountable, was just curious.
  16. How close were Brentwood and Withrow? Would it have been combined results (boys and girls)? If so, just wondering if it came down to the girls 4x100, when Withrow, with a slight lead, failed to get the hand off in the zone on the final leg.
  17. Miserable weather, but watching Allen run made it worth the trip. Not a personal best, but very impressive. Signed with Alabama?
  18. Is Maile playing, or is he done for the year? I heard he pulled a hammy and then re-aggravated it.
  19. Great kid, great parents. He has a bright future regardless of sports. I wish him all the best.
  20. Oh well. Hope it works out for everyone.
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