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  1. Yes, just never heard CCH regarded as "the hill". I realize the school is in Park Hills. Tomato, tomahto, no biggy.
  2. They're also playing a hellacious schedule. While winning is the ultimate object of every game, as long as they're competing and learning, they'll be a serious contender in the 9th.
  3. What about one of the old Cardinals like Larry Wilson or Dan Dierdorf? They also had a nice two way player named Roy Green. Not sure if they ever made playoffs in late 60s or 70s.
  4. Yeah, whatever. Good rumor fodder for those that revel in that bull sugar. Hope things work out best for all parties involved. If he does leave, it'll be interesting to see where he lands.
  5. How dare you be off by a game or...gulp...maybe two... Regardless, two fine programs. HHS should have a dangerous pitching staff in the postseason. They are also playing a strong schedule.
  6. I love the Saturday Night final, but I agree. I understand the AAU culture, but, if you have the ability to gives kids a chance to play the biggest game of their life, on the biggest stage, with at least a night's sleep, why not do it? Start on Tuesday or keep as is.
  7. Fair point, but if the tweets are really coming from CCH kids (which I have no idea either way), then that stinks. BTW - parents from rival high schools flipping off the CCH cheering section is not a new phenomenon. But hey, I guess CCH deserved it. Horrible human beings at 1600 Dixie Highway - incapable of any class or decorum.
  8. For someone that throws a tantrum, virtually every time HHS is criticized on BGP, you sure like to dish it out. Knuckle head behavior is not the norm at CCH. Of course, it does happen and it is disappointing when it does. On the flip side, there are so many good things done on a daily basis by members of the CCH community. I think the "top" at CCH is just fine. To the other posters that believe that the rest of NKY roots against CCH - what else is new? You're breaking my heart. Congrats to NCC on a great season and as a proud alum of CCH, I apologize for any legitimate social media idiocy posted by members of the CCH community. I know kids will be kids, but they know better.
  9. I understand your point - you just seem to be particularly opportunistic lately with taking shots at CCH, whether it be hoops or football. But, not a big deal. Many of those statements over the past 2-3 years have come from non-CCH people, that frankly, seem to be looking to do nothing but stir the pot. No one can dispute the results on the field. But hey, the journey of a 1,000 miles starts with the first step. HHS is top dog and CCH has some nice pieces upon which to build. Hopefully, that speaks to a great future in the rivalry, with a bit more balance.
  10. Again, congrats to NCC - they were the better team and deserved to win. As for Highlands, whatever. Best of luck Birds.
  11. Any perceived pressure is contrived. Everyone at CCH knows that Eviston is a good coach. He's doing a great job. CCH is lucky to have him.
  12. Strong work. You're on a roll.
  13. JOAT - I'll rephrase part of my earlier statement, because the fact is, I have no idea whether or not someone tweeted, nor do I have the time or desire to investigate. However, I find it unlikely that a CCH player would have done so before the game. CCH lost a hard fought game to an opponent that was simply better and deserving of the region crown. I wasn't at the game, but it's my understanding, based on listening to it and reading the accounts on BGP, that both teams exhibited class. My guess is that when your son was injured at CCH, you and he were afforded the same class while he was being examined. Be happy for Ben Weyer and for the other kids you know on that team - they deserved to win.
  14. Nice pot shot - classic passive aggressive bull sugar. I find it extremely hard to believe Ruthsatz would allow anything like that. For the record, the result was not the same, because Highlands was nowhere to be found last night. Let's see if the Birds get within 50 next year.
  15. I see. Gosh, I thought CCH's success was due to talent, coaching and hard work. How dare I be so delslusional. I didn't realize the refs from around KY were helping too. Thanks for setting me straight. I guess the refs that officiated the Cooper, Trinity, and Holy Cross regular season games were not from KY or didn't attend the proper pre-season classes.
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