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  1. I wish I could blame the refs, but the simple fact is, the Bengals had the ball and the chance to put it away, and flippin blew it. It stinks, it hurts, but that's all there is to it. Be a pro and close out the darn game. Still sick about it.
  2. Historically, X has faired poorly on the road against quality Big East teams. I know this is a different team/different year, but, until proven otherwise, I expect more of the same. Marquette wins this one. But, if X pulls it out, I'll start believing they deserve their lofty ranking.
  3. While I appreciate the sentiment, you "gotta win with what you got". The Steelers certainly do. The Bengals just haven't made it happen and it's very disappointing, especially given the talent on that roster.
  4. He absolutely wins. That's indisputable. I'd take him in a minute. He's big, tough and it seems that he's grown up. And, he has two rings. I admire that. With that said, I do not admire mindless honks, incapable of objectivity. The notion that you are somehow tougher, more knowledgable about football or a better person, because you have chosen and/or were born into fan interest of a franchise that is more successful than another, is ridiculous.
  5. As a reminder to all, the Ignore feature saves you from blathering morons.
  6. Regroup Colonels. They return to 9th Region action Friday. They haven't played in the 9th in almost a month and the Conner game will be the first against a non "A" 9th region opponent since the opener against Cooper. The other 9th opponents so far have been Ludlow, St Henry and Bellevue. Hopefully the rigorous "non-9th" portion of the schedule has helped. Huge district game next Tuesday Night in Latonia!
  7. Great win for Cooper! Very impressive! They'll be a load to handle in March.
  8. So in defending HMS against unfair blanket statements, which I completely understand your perspective by the way, you make your own blanket statement about parochial schools. Solid. In reality, as you started to point out, bad behavior is not school specific - it tends to oscillate by grade, by parent group, by school, by year. I have seen embarrassing behavior by public and parochial school parents alike. I'll keep my opinion as to which is worse to myself, because I am rational enough to understand that your experience may have been far different than mine, based on the particular groups of parents and players that your son played with and against when he was in middle school. Your blanket comment about parochial schools is simply unfair.
  9. Like to hear this - especially after Kareem Walker's flip to the TUN.
  10. Love the Huggs quote - one of my favorites. It was a nice bounce back win. Gotta be tougher on the road in the Big East. Hopefully, Sumner is healthy and back soon. I know it wasn't intentional and I know I belong in the Stone Ages, but, it wouldn't break my heart to see a driving Nova player receive a hard foul in the paint, when they meet again in Cincy.
  11. I'm a die hard buckeye fan. Ohio State had their chance on the field and blew it. Plain and simple.
  12. Surprised and very impressed that Cov Cath radio is covering today. Thank you Mark Wehry for your amazingly selfless commitment to CCH Athletics!
  13. One other comment on this and I'll stop. If CVH gets a ride somewhere, it won't be because of a website. However, if the website helps (in some small way) a family obtain what basically equates to a winning $100,000-$150,000 lottery ticket, why wouldn't you do it? It certainly in no way shape or form makes you a selfish player or bad teammate, nor is it a poor reflection of the parents or their approach to helping their son or daughter.
  14. I went back and re-read your original post. You and I disagree on a parent building a website to promote a son/daughter. I see nothing wrong with it. Assuming that's what happened. Perhaps they hired a service to help them? Many do. Sure, he's subject to ridicule - opposing high school student fans being the most likely to use it against him. But, such is life when you're one of the best players in the 9th - website or not. Looks like we agree that adults ripping on Twitter is out of bounds.
  15. You're mistaking me for someone else. Where did I complain? With that said, if it's an adult ripping a kid on Twitter, as originally reported, that's garbage - in my opinion.
  16. I'm with Clyde on this. But, regardless, we celebrate collectively when these kids land offers. So, who gives a rip if they conduct some self promotion - it's a means to an end. I don't care if he posts a billboard on 75. He's a good kid and a good teammate.
  17. According to the KHSAA site, CVH is now tied for sixth on the CCH all time scoring list at 1,255 with Jeff Studer. Should break into top 5 tonight (Jake Thelen at 1,258).
  18. Indications are he is still at least a couple weeks away. I think the first round is a real stretch.
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