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  1. That's what I figured. CCH is very lucky to have him. He has some nice talent and willing pupils. Bright days ahead at 1600 Dixie Hwy.
  2. "High Motor" "Plays with great pad level"
  3. Ah yes, the PHM reference. In truth, Eddie is doing a great job with this team. This fan is thrilled to have him and expect great things - maybe even yet this year. I expect some very tough practices and good preparation for this week's game.
  4. No disputing the results. Maybe someday the Colonels will start turning it around. We're splitting hairs on the definition of a rivalry. My guess is several members of your own fan base still consider CCH a rivalry. But, at the end of the day, arguing over the definition of a rivalry is silly, so I'll stop. Good luck the rest of the way. Hoping both sides earn a rematch.
  5. Hard to call it a rivalry, yet beating Cov Cath is 1 of 2 key factors in a successful season? What?
  6. Right on about Mayer - very bright days ahead.
  7. Birdman - as a fan of CCH, you're right, it is very frustrating. But, regardless of how it looked, I really enjoyed watching both sides compete yesterday. Kudos to Hergott - he's been blasted on BGP this year. He made plays and guided that offense turnover free. As we all saw, turnovers played a huge part in the outcome. They were not the sole reason for the outcome, but man, securing the football is so important. Good job Birds! I hope both sides earn a rematch in Ft. Thomas.
  8. Congratulations Highlands and its fan base. You should be very proud of those kids today - they played turnover free football and found a way to beat their rival on the road. Not an aesthetically pleasing game, but fun to watch two storied rivals compete. It's why I love high school sports.
  9. Q - thx for the updates. Congrats to the Colonels for bowin' their neck when backed against the wall and earning a great win on the road against a great program and a great rival. Something to build on!
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