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  1. Sorry - poor choice of words. Strike "relax" from my last post. I was channeling my inner Aaron Rodgers. I have found your posts rationale and you to be a very reasonable fan. My retorts have been made in jest at the Black & Gold contingent that is far less reasonable. However, I would very much like the chance to see the Steelers in the playoffs. Why not? Great theater and if the Bengals win, it will be fun on BGP.
  2. Relax - taking a jab at the guy that likes to throw Pittsburgh's success in Cincinnati in virtually every thread post. I'm WELL aware of the records and Pittsburgh's place as the greatest franchise in the entire history of forever. My poor little Bengals don't stand a chance.
  3. No, that's a good ball club. I hope the Bengals get another shot at em.
  4. Go with your ego - it's what Mike Tomlin always does. Why not? Send 'em packin!
  5. Play McCarron - its a sprained non throwing wrist. He needs the reps. I understand that the Ravens will go after him hard, but, I'd rather take the chance of further injury in exchange for the opportunity to go into the playoffs with a win and some valuable reps. As we saw last week, the Ravens are more than capable of beating a quality opponent, so absolutely no guarantee the Bengals win either way, but, I want McCarron in there.
  6. I hope its Pittsburgh. Would relish the chance to end their season and send them back to Paul Brown Northeast licking their wounds.
  7. The Giants typically handle things in a classy fashion. Hopefully, they do the right thing and let Coughlin move on with the dignity he deserves.
  8. I agree Pagano should get a pass on Luck injury. However, it seems that there is major clash between he and the GM. May go for that reason. The GM, by the way, has saddled Pagano with an old roster, without a ton of talent around Luck.
  9. Another brilliant post. I haven't blamed the Steelers for anything. Whatever happens with McCarron happens. I'll deal with it just fine.
  10. U I respect legit fans like you that understand football. No respect at all for honks with an agenda.
  11. More hard hitting analysis. We get it, you think McCarron sucks and you're a Steelers fan. Good for you.
  12. Well, let's cover the most important part of this topic: Katherine or Gisele?
  13. I'm looking forward to the HC/CCH tilt in Latonia in 3-4 weeks.
  14. 1,000% agree. Suspensions are the only way to put this to bed. I thought about a suspension system that would escalate if the "victim" continues to miss time. But, that would be dicey, especially if its an all pro safety knocking out a team' fourth receiver. In that case, accusations would start flying around a team intentionally holding an injured player out to keep the all pro defender off the field. But, I think a one game suspension would be appropriate. That would be a fair deterrent for this stuff. However, I think the targeting rule in the NCAA is a bit harsh. I'd be fine with the suspension decision after the game, with tape reviewed by the league and NFLPA. Heck, I'd be fine with it being a paid suspension. That would make the NFLPA happy.
  15. Steelers fans, please don't get it twisted. As a Bengals fan, I'd take the same trade if the shoe was on the other foot.
  16. $23,000 is a bargain in exchange for knocking out your division rival's and perhaps league's best red zone threat for what now looks like 2.9 pivotal games. No disincentive to be anything but a headhunter. One of these days Mr. Mitchell just may be on the losing end of one of these hits.
  17. Different kind of game, but Jack Jennings comes to mind as last guy to have that kind of game in Park Hills. Maybe some in between, but you could count em on one hand.
  18. I don't think Highlands has even allowed a basket yet.
  19. Yes, St Pius has 500+ students, but that is K-8. Junior High (6, 7 & 8) is probably in the range 180-200. Not using it as an excuse for anything, just pointing out the numbers for comparison.
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