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  1. These are high school kids doing the "intimidating". Show me an adult screaming at a high school kid in any of those pictures. We can debate player safety issues, but the comment about initimidating a high school player holds no water.
  2. Write to the head of officials, Julian Tackett, Governor Beshear, Governor Elect Bevin and the Vatican. Stick these young hooligans in a sound proof glass bubble! The nerve of those young punk kids! Stay off my lawn!
  3. The rocks were one contested layup away from going home with a loss. Take your win and move on.
  4. No I don't, but very impressed by how hard the kids play for him and how he runs the team.
  5. Very impressed with Summit View's 7th Grade coach.
  6. Very cool Ludlow - first class and good luck the rest of the way.
  7. My personal opinion is the Highlands/CCH rivalry will pick up again very soon, but it has nothing to do with a blowhard CCH dad from a summer hoops game. I think it stems from Kevin Listerman's coaching acumen and the talent coming up in Ft. Thomas. On top of that Coach L has a giant, Colonel sized chip on his shoulder, relating to certain family matters. If anyone doesn't think that is a motivator, you're flat wrong. The future should be fun to watch.
  8. So the basketball rivalry's renewed intensity stems from an obnoxious Cov Cath dad/child at a summer hoops game and last night's football result was some karma related payback? There seems to be an obvious counterpoint to this: some need to take the regional championship win from last night and move on, instead of calling out old dudes in knothole jackets and some blowhard at a summer basketball game. Just sayin.
  9. Highlands was turnover free in both games vs CCH this year. That is a key ingredient to winning football. Hats off to 'em - they absolutely deserved to win.
  10. I posed the question on the Highlands basketball thread.
  11. On a football thread, a Highlands fan suggested that the basketball rivalry between the two schools (paraphrasing) recently grew by a 1000%. Other than the football game last night and a heated middle school basketball game between HMS and one of the CCH feeder schools on Thursday, I am not aware of anything else. Did something happen in recent weeks between the basketball programs that intensified the rivalry?
  12. They didn't run up the darn score. Those are misguided comments by an emotional fan. EVERY team has groups of fans like this. We could start a very long thread exchanging examples of obnoxious/misguided fan behavior amongst Highlands and Cov Cath fan bases. Whatever.
  13. Not to high jack a thread, but how did the basketball season get more interesting? Are you referring to the SPX/HMS games Thursday, or did something happen at the high school level?
  14. Another first cousin, Jeremy Collins, also from the class of '92, pitched at Bellarmine, but was injured early.
  15. To eliminate confusion amongst all of the Brandons and Bergers. I am referring to: Matt Berger - CCH Jelani Brandon - Lloyd Brandon Black - Boone Co Yes, Brandon Berger was in the following class.
  16. No, Matt Berger - his cousin. Neither Matt Berger nor Brandon Black were drafted out of high school.
  17. 1992 Etler - UK - 3rd Round Reds Berger - Louisville & on to White Sox Lantz - Southern Illinois Soward - Miami OH Brandon - UC - 6th Round Royals Black - JUCO & then UK & NY Mets Johnson - Pirates draft pick Hacker - Morehead State Proccacino - William Carey Collins - Bellarmine Maley - NKU Bertsch - NKU Greene - Indiana How many classes have had two preps selected in top 10 rounds of MLB draft? My guess is not many. I believe a couple pitchers with Campbell Co also pitched at NKU - Haggard and Neace?
  18. Roughly - 8-10 carries for a buck 30 and 2 scores. First time he has seen varsity action this year.
  19. Easily, the coolest high school stadium I ever played in. Awesome place for high school football.
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