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  1. It's early, but unless NCC comes to life I see little to challenge the western half of the state this year in 2A. District 7 is wide open, but that is misleading because all four teams are, at best, mediocre for now.
  2. No inside information here, and not trying to be Mr. Obvious, but I feel the next coach is between Brown, Yeast, or Clevenger. Jerry and Sam have been together so long I would not be surprised if he followed him to Tennessee. Ads need a shake up.
  3. Some of these kids had butted heads for four years. None of the seniors wanted their season to end last night but they would not have wanted it any other way than to have one last chance to take down their biggest rival. Your guys would have felt the same way and probably worse. This game was turning right before our eyes until the bogus holding call nullified the Grey TD. The Ads also had something going with the dive play and #34 (O. Ford). It's a shame but those are the breaks. Too many penalties and turnovers doomed the Ads in the end along with the usual stifling defense of Somerset. Good luck next week and beyond. I have enjoyed the conversations we have had over the past couple of seasons. You had earned my respect long before last night.
  4. That stuff never works as it is always the retaliator that gets caught anyway. Besides, these teams know each other fairly well so they shouldn't be suprised by anything that is tried or said on the field. Just play the next play better than your opponent.
  5. Ads are going to miss Jacobie Harris so we shall see how that affects strategy. You know SHS has to like their chances given the recent domination they have had in this series. Still, I like Danville to pull out a very close low scoring game. This will be a physical matchup and quite frankly the Ads are out of excuses as to why they have let SHS continue to push them around. Nowhere to go but up and absolutely nothing to lose. I think we will see an inspired effort from the Ads to try and redeem themselves. Good luck to both teams!
  6. Bell stands tall on Log Mountain. BC wins 28-21.
  7. Boyle prevails this time. In a close one I will take the Rebels 21-17.
  8. So the Flyers gave up 52 points to a team (Anderson) that Cooper shutout 48-0. I would think Cooper has more than a chance to win this game.
  9. Lots of flags in this game. I swear I didn't know that daisies could grow on fake grass! I also need to consult with an officials guide because I did not recognize a couple of their signals used tonight. Got real chippy at the end but that is understandable when one team's season is coming to a close. Ads didn't play very smart at times and really struggled against the passing attack that PHS has. The pick early in the third qtr was huge. Ads were backed up with Pburg 1st and goal from the one yard line. Defense held and then intercepted in the back of the end zone. They then drove 80 yds for the go ahead score. Got help on a roughing the punter penalty but gave it back later on the muffed punt return. Danville was fortunate to win this one. PHS played hard and is a great venue to watch a playoff game. Their field looks fantastic and their fans were hospitable and gracious in defeat. Shout out to the Betsy Layne players that sat with us. All I can say is that you must really despise the Blackcats! Now the Ads must face their Waterloo. Wouldn't have it any other way. It will take a complete 180 effort than what was put forth tonight, so Ads fans can hope that tonight's performance was a result of their minds already thinking Briar Jumpers. It almost cost them in the end.
  10. Playing uninspired football so far. Minds are clearly not in this game.
  11. Won't be as close this time around. Somerset wins 28-7
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